Pioneer UDP LX 500

I recently bought this universal player to alleviate the job of my DVD 5s. I used for less than one hour, unfortunately being used with Naim design and build quality i’ m pretty disgusted with it (chassis quality, big blingy chromed feet etc) so it’ s already out for sale.
I ’ m aware it already received pretty good rewies but this is the fact. I think the Panasonic
DP UB 9000 is a more attractive proposition at the same price.
Opinions ?


You do not mention the quality of what it delivers, audio or video? What you mention is the cutting of corners that Japanese firms do to get the price down. IMO pioneer make really good product, but do not have the mass scale of others, so are perhaps pricier?

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I will receive the Panasonic DP UP 9000 tomorrow. I’m not expecting it to be the build quality of Naim gear, but It’s £850, not thousands.

What’s the picture/sound like of the Pioneer? Funny you should mention the feet, I thought it looked a bit bling overall and definitely didn’t like the feet. Saying that, if it performed stunningly, I would look at it in a different light and love it for its eccentricity, but I think the Panasonic is supposed to be the best performer regarding picture quality.

Sorry, I didn’t even connected to the system, i only used for 15 minutes or so into a Philips tv in the basement. It’s so big it doesn’t even fit in a standard Fraim level. The picture quality is reasonably good, can’t speak about SQ, but according to some reviews the Panasonic is even better for picture quality. I saw the latter this week at the same dealer and i can quite confirm that aesthetically is much better.
Definetely is the seller fault who pushed me to buy, when i was well keen to wait the arrival of the Panasonic.

Panasonic DP UP9000 arrived… now gone back and I have a refund.

The packaging is rubbish and the remote comes with no protection, no clear film, just in a bag and so inevitably gets marked. The finish of the player is nothing spectacular and clearly no where near what you expect from any Naim product. In fact, it looks like these Japanese manufactures try and copy the brushed alloy look of Naim, but fail miserably. It’s built to look substantial, but it’s not. The front facia had two very faint scratches, if you looked close. I tried to ignore them, but couldn’t.

I had a Monster Ultimate black platinum hdmi cable to try it out. It wouldn’t let the player pass a 4:4:4 signal to the tv. I tried a Wireworld Ultraviolet 7 hdmi and this now allowed a 4:4:4 picture to be achieved, but it went black for a few seconds shortly after, and then again. So two relatively expensive hdmi cables didn’t work. I set the player to 4:2:0 and then got a stable picture. The quality of the picture is superb, but got very short audio dropouts every 3 mins or so. No settings would solve this. I only had it for 1 1/2 days and I wasted too much time on the usual rubbish audio/visual market garbage, so it’s gone.

Need to think of my next stage.

Oh my God, as you we use to say out here “From the frying pan into the fire” At least the Pionner fit and finish seems fine, if it was not so ugly…
I’ d be very keen to pay top £££ for a Naim DVDX2 player.

Roberto, don’t get me wrong, the Panasonic played fantastic video and it does look good, but I’m just saying the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the grass. AV equipment made for the mass market has always been notoriously flawed and there’s always an element of luck with the buying experience. It’s not Naim build quality. Reviews in magazines or on the net are not to be taken too seriously in my experience and talks on whether the Panasonic has an edge on the Pioneer regarding image quality is just unreliable. For me personally, if the Pioneer played on your set-up faultlessly, I’d be happy. It’s at the current limit of technology and built to a flagship role. As I said earlier, the appearance of the build quality on the outside is superficial on all these 4K players.

There is eventually another Pioneer model at 2200 euro. However i think i’ll part exchange for something like a Hi Cap or another Fraim.After all i already have 2 DVD5. We also have a periolious (for the wallet) demo o schedule with Focal Sopra 3 and Magico S3 / Q3

I fnally replaced this with a HC DR

Do Denon do an upmarket 4K player. I’m still very with my DVD 3800 Blu-ray that has great picture and sound via analogue as well as superb build quality. I think they were around £1500 new, I found a used model for under £500, so it’s been something of a bargain. They’d be even cheaper now if you can find one.

Got to say I’m disappointed in the reports of poor build quality on the high end 4k players. Are they really interested in disc players anymore? I fear we’re looking at the end game for the physical media if these half-hearted efforts are anything to go by.

I also have the Denon 3800 which sits aside the Oppo 105. Both built like tanks but the Denon more so. Picture quality for blu-ray were identical but the oppo was better with DVD. I also have a Oppo 205 and of course better picture quality with 4K and sound quality to boot with analog outs to the AV2.

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