Place NDX 2 Directly on Top of XPS DR or Vice Versa?

To make room for replacing my amp with a larger one, I will need to place my NDX 2 directly on top of the XPS DR for amp ventilation. Does anyone see any drawbracks to this, and if so, any suggestions to mitigate? Local dealer said it would be fine to do so and would have no sonic effects.

It will have sonic effects, your dealer is wrong, this is why systems are placed on specially designed supports on separate shelves. The extent of this depends on what you already have it supported on.

If you have to you have to though. Put the NDX2 on top as you suggest as this is the warmer unit.

One tip though is to put something between the rubber feet and the case as over time the rubber causes permanent marking on the unit it is sitting on.

…from what I have read on the forum and advice from my dealer there should be separation between Power Supply and Amp, CD, Streamer. I believe the search function would be your friend here since there have been multiple threads here and in the archived thread.

In my simple four box system I have the NDX 2 on the top shelf, the SN2 on the next, then the HiCap DR, and the XPS DR on the bottom shelf.


Digital equipment tends to run hotter than analogue amps etc. even when not in use. There’s no way I’d buy a source for the best part of £10k without setting it up properly. They need their own shelves.

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Hi PaulG

This is a very bad idea and will adversely affect the sound quality.
One of the characteristics of Naim separates performing somewhere near their potential, is they need to have their cables dressed (not touching each other or the floor) and the boxes need to sit on a decent rack. Get this right and you will be surprised at the improvement in sound.

You have an outstanding digital source with the NDX2 + XPS DR; it seems a shame not to be getting the most from it by stacking boxes on top of each other.


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Thank you. It didn’t seem right to me either and I’m a novice. To be fair, it wasn’t the rep I usually work with but someone else in the store.

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