Placement of Leonard Cohens Hi Hat

Listening now and voice is dead center and the shaker it center-right. Percussion is hard left. This is using ZMF Caldera headphones with Naim HE using Qobuz thru roon.

Well! I conclude from the comments that on this track there is percussion at the left and the shaker at centre right. If this is correct I have to conclude that I simply cannot hear the shaker. This could be because the tweeters on my SL2s should be replaced, or, more likely, that the frequency is beyond my aged 75 year-old ears.

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The shaker is very clear and starts from the beginning. There’s also bass that is placed in the center with other instruments and voices that are placed to the left and right sides that come and go. But throughout you have bass and voice center, shaker center-right and percussion on the left.


Tidal. Shaker right of centre looking at my speakers. NSC 222/250. Left and right channels checked with a test disc (from Tidal).

Tidal on IPhone through B&W PX wireless headphone. The shaker is center right

… or possibly because you’re listening to a different track? :man_shrugging:

I’m sure his HI Hat would be on his HI Head. :thinking: :rofl:


Unfortunately it’s not that simple!

Perhaps not the best qualified to respond, currently doing the olive oil in ear thing…

Have the LP with “free” CD. The shaker is quietly there centre right, easier to hear with the CD, which sounds to be mastered slightly brighter.

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Shaker is centre-right on CD through my Naim CD player, amps and speakers.

Shaker and centre right

Sometimes it is. Eliminate the easy ones first… :wink:

That’s it!!

Thanks, Andy that’s the explanation!


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On LP and free CD that came with it, centre-right. On Clearaudio / Luxman / PMC.
(and is a “shaker” I’m hearing)

Shaker on right of centre, streamed via Qobuz

24 Bit download (probably from HDTracks) also to the right. But thanks to JonP for asking the question. I discovered that my connection from my HE to my Focals was reversed. Never ending hobby!


No Puns … spoil sport!

Shaker centre-right for me as well. Both via speakers and headphones.

Great track, too.

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Percussion left - shaker left side of right speaker … a ice song and recording.
Cd from innous zenith

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