Placing nac ndx nap cd5x flatcap HC NAPSC etc

Hi guys I am changing the placing of the Naim components.
Tips? For example are the components to close to each other?
The new setup is:
Opper from left to right; Thorens nac ndx nap
On the nac the stageline.

Lower from left to right; hicap napsc (not on photo jet) flatcap cd5x and playstation 4😊
I like that the height of the components are not mixed up.
Tips or suggestions?

Looking neat and tidy.

Have you considered putting the NAP on the bottom shelf and the CD5 SX on the top shelf, separating the brain from brawn.

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If that is better I will. In which order?

I believe the consensus is to separate the power supply / amps from the control elements.

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The main question is how the Playstation could interfere with the rest of the system :slight_smile:

I thought the idea was to keep the trafos in the power amps and PSUs as far to the right as possible?

Do you think it will interfear when it is not switched on?
I don’t do both listening and playing at the same time.
And when I will I accept less quality.
Both switched off I would not like it if it interfears.

@Chielhierpuntnl i was rather beeing a bit sarcastic, sorry.
As others have said, i believe the consensus is to keep the big transformers away or below the other stuff. I would just swap everything (except the turntable) from the lower shelf with the top shelf.

Ideally i would probably remove the turntable and put it to the side of the sideboard (if that makes sense) so you can space the other stuff a bit further apart but i understand that is probably not possible.

Otherwise it looks really good in the photo, i would really go with form over function with that setup.

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\Nice furniture!

I’d also suggest trying with big transformers away from more delicate signals - NAP down and CD player up. Fortunately, it is usually easy to hear immediately if something is very wrong.

Even better, these are free upgrades, so why not try 3 or 4 different arrangements? If they don’t make a blind bit of difference to what you are hearing after 1 or 2 songs, then probably all the arrangements are fine and you can pick whichever you fancy.

You might find the Thorens improved by being on an isolation platform or a wall shelf if either is aesthetically acceptable.


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