Platter mats

I think you will like it, my lp12 does well with it, nothing major in terms of a revelation, just a little different sound that is appealing to the ear.


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C’est difficile! …best to not get it unclean from the start!

It catches easily the dust….

Vacuum cleaner might be the best solution…the eccentricities of being an audiophile!

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Touraj Moghaddam formerly of Roksan and now of Vertere used this on the Roksan Xerxes that came out in 1985, at least it was on the 1991 model I had. It’s still a feature of the Xerxes 20 plus that I currently use.

As for using different mats I briefly dallied with a leather mat when experiencing static problems.
It did change the sound by seeming to give everything in the recording more space and I did like what it did but ultimately the supplied mat just sounded more “right”.


I use a sticky roller. Works perfectly, but I think it might ware out the mat a bit quicker.

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Good idea ! I will try. And will say if a 0,5 mn Rega mat sounds better or not vs the 1 mn one. :rofl:

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Ha, yes, just use the sticky roller daily and it will thin to 0.5 automatically. :sunglasses:

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If you google “felt cleaning”, you will find lots of how-tos from which you can pick the gentler ones that suit you. I use tweezers if I find a sticky dark fibre :slight_smile: else I beat it a bit like my grandma beat her carpets but with less gusto.

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I trust you remove it from the platter before beating it free of extraneous fibres.

Totally agree, I also went with Boing feet, didn’t sound like a Rega in the end, just some random emphasis device.

Yup, I ordered a Red for my Rp6 and a yellow for my P3. They couldn’t get the red in the end so ended up with both yellow, which given I have exact cart on both made a nice visual match.

Have Neo psu on both and the aforementioned reference eblt belts.

Well the ceramics turned out pretty sturdy, I also use it as a frisbee :wink:

No, only the mat of course, and gently just to beat out some dust. It’s thankfully not losing fibres, but occasionally I spot a dark one that must have sailed in on a breeze, but that’s what the tweezers are for because they get stuck

I’ve tried the stock wool mat and an achromat with my P6 and the stock Rega sounded better though there wasn’t much in it.

The big difference of course is that the standard mat is bundled in the price, whereas the Achromat costs £76 to make things worse. Sometimes, I think, people like to tweak for the sake of it and convince themselves that these overpriced add-ons make an improvement. Do people really believe that Rega wouldn’t change mats if there was an improvement to be had?

Some have the choice to not go at 100% with the Rega intended sound, or Naim…
Others mat are not necessary better but can suit more some tastes in the kind of sound presentation.
The Acromat for instance is relatively successful with alll Rega tables. Other prefer the stock one.

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It was on my 1985 model Xerxes.


I put on one my LP12, certainly changed the presentation, but perhaps wish I hadn’t as it’s now stuck on the outer platter - it was never quite flat either.

I possibly need to do some calculations but if I remove it I’m concerned it will affect the VTA as new cartridge was set up by dealer with the Achromat on.

I heck - sorry to read that your Achromat is stuck to the platter. IIRC, they came with double sided tape, so perhaps warming the mat with a hairdryer may help soften the glue sufficiently?

Your experience echos my time with the Achromat, it changed the sound with only minor gains. Plus, I was always a little uncomfortable placing the record on the hard surface as opposed to the soft Rega mat.

Yes, those double sided sticky things are the reason - I tried it without at first and as it was not perfectly flat used the sticky things hoping to improve on that. I’m sure I could get it off but have wondered if it will break, also wondering how to get the adhesive off.

Thinking about it given that the LP12 felt mat is much thinner than the Achromat I may as well test the felt mat on top of it!