'play queue now full' problem when playing favourite tracks from qobuz on naim app

Mostly seems to happen on IOS. Haven’t ‘added’ anything to any queue or list of late … don’t generally do that. Naim app increasingly problematic on IOS recently. Android’s better, when it’s working - but takes a long time to load … and is forever crashing. Webclient facility on Windows (Chrome) (using the ND5 XS2 IP address) … used to be fine for playing Qobuz favourite tracks … but now will only list a couple of hundred songs (from Z down to S … whatever I assign the order as). Used to list all 3 or 4 thousand tracks or so without any problems. Have also searched ‘How to clear Qobuz play queue on Naim app’ without much, if anything of help coming up. Any thoughts ?

Anything you queue up will be subject to the 500 track limit of the Naim app, so I suspect this is your problem. The first 500 tracks will still be queued up and play, but that’s your lot.

I’m aware of the queue max of 500 tracks … the point is, I didn’t request to queue anything … certainly not intentionally. In the past I wouldn’t get this problem unless I requested the playing of a playlist containing over 500 songs … and even then - if I requested the playing of a particular song from my favourite tracks, that would be played immediately whatever the situation, it seemed. How are queues initiated other than by an ‘add to play queue’ command … and what might be happening here with me and my problems as described above ? Re. my last question … how do you clear an outstanding play queue (esp when listening solely to Qobuz track favourites, in particular … if that makes any odds)

In the play queue screen tap the … button, top R corner, and select Clear queue. The same for Qobuz or any other queue.

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This is an unsupported facility that Naim used in house for development purposes, it was never intended for public use but somebody leaked it on the forum. So if anything doesn’t work when using it, or if it upsets the workings of the streamer in some unexpected way, you’re on your own.

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PS. App seems to be a lot more problematic since the advent of the new Naim and Focal one

… at the moment … on the iPhone 11 running IOS 16 I’m using as a remote, the app is stuck on the pic of the back of a girl’s head and won’t budge from that. Will have to reboot.

… after the iPhone reboot, play queue is immediately full, even though I haven’t done anything other than select Qobuz and favourite tracks … and then pressed on a single song. Queue was cleared before reboot.

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