Play queue stopping for no reason

Relatively new Naim Unit Atom - playing a long curated playlist from source like Tidal, or Qobuz just suspends for no reason.

Any ideas?

So this is happens repeatedly?

Could your internet connection be dropping?

No. We’re using the Internet for other work, an no outages. In fact, I have the ability to pull reports on the access points - with no outages…

Are you signed in to the streaming services on more than the permitted number of devices?

You should try signing out and then signing back in again.

Good thought, but I haven’t had any indication from Tidal that there was a restriction. I am signed in via Roon, as well as Naim, and then of course a few independent devices. This seems to be specific only to the Naim Atom using the app on an iPad nearby. I have switched over to a Sonos amp using the same source playlist, with no issues.

Are firmwares on all devices and app softwares all up to date?

Another good thought. Firmware on Naim itself is 3.6.0 (51060 up to date… In the about section, the IOS App version is 5.21.1, System version Remote firmware version is 1.2.4

Could it have anything to do with auto standby time set to 20 minutes; and if it doesn’t receive a signal for a few seconds? I got nothing…

That will put the unit into standby mode. So screen and all lights aside from the power light off. It won’t just suspend playback from the queue.

For what it is worth I will mention something that has been happening here. I have a Netgear Orbi mesh wifi. For some still unknown reason the one satellite loses connection on its ethernet ports randomly. So all the devices connected to wifi or other access points do not lose signal. And the logs say nothing about it. It is surely a different setup to what you have but it is an example of losing internet connection to a specific unit only that can happen.

So if it is wired would you be able to try using WIFI or vice versa as a test?

Currently WIFI, but will run a cable to see if that solves the issue. We’re using a Netgear hub and Ubiquity/Unifi access points covering 3 floors. It could be the unit is jumping from one access point to another if that AC drops signal… Had and preferred a Fritzbox, but the audio folks recommended this.

It’s worth a try. If it not a lot of trouble it can at least eliminate this as a source of the issue. As you say it could be jumping across or something although one would have hoped that would be seamless.

If that does not work, could you put your Fritzbox back for a test?

Oh and have you fully powered down the Atom and rebooted it yet since this started?

The only times my Star and Atom HE has ever spontaneously stopped playback was with either network issues or if the streaming services went down. Although it must be said I almost exclusively play from Roon.

Have not done a hard reboot, but I have eliminated one thing.

I have a Blue Node plugged into the NAIM. I added primarily because of the greater flexibility adding music sources/services. I’ve gone to the same playlist THRU BlueNode OS, into the Naim with no interruption. So it seems to only happen using the NAIM interface. I may delete the Tidal source from Naim and re add to see if that works.

Oh I’d give that Atom a power cycle. You know, for science!


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