Play Station 4 CDP digital out

I’m building a 2nd system with a Unitiqute 2 and Dynaudio Audience 52’s and will be using a PlayStation 4 for DVD’s but would also like to use it to play the few CD’s I have had anyone used one this way or am I better off sourcing a cheap CDP?

It will be connected to the Qute and using the Qute’s DAC.

It’s such noisy device and I mean noise you can hear it doesn’t make it ideal playback device for audio.

The PS4 cannot play audio CDs so you’ll need to have a separate player. If you plan to only play DVD and CD then a cheap DVD player with digital out could be a better solution

I’d get a cd player, as mentioned the ps4 gets hot and fans are noisy.

Thanks everyone I think I’ll just rip them to a usb stick much easier.

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As someone mentioned already the ps4 will NOT play any music CD only dvd and blue ray UNLIKE the ps3 which actually had an SACD capability as well as the standard CD playback. And now the new ps5 doesnt even have a dedicated audio output optical or coax. It was a huge dissapointment for me and even though i have recently managed to buy one i have not even opened the box to set it up. It’s all cost cutting no doubt on sonys part but it surely degrades the machines capability as there are many gamers out there who are currently connecting their ps4 to a DAC for superior sound quality. I connect my ps4 pro this way and the SQ is suprisingly good through the DAC and seperate amp.
They might save a few dollars on each optical connector at the expense of having a poorer console all round with less flexibilty and poorer sound.

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