Play without power amp?

Silly question…can you play (well) with a NAC282 plus HiCsp and no 250 or 200 added?

You can operate a preamp without having a power amp attached, yes. I’m guessing you will be using something else to listen, such as a headphone amp?

I do not think i will do this it was more a hypothetical question as I am not a very technical guy ;). Thanks.

I’m curious as to what you want to achieve ?

A preamp raises the signal level from very low output sources, and provides input switching and volume and possibly channel balance or other control functions. Unless the preamp has a headphone output, for which it will have additional amplification circuitry (but lower power than for speaker driving), the output level isn’t normally enough to drive headphones or speakers.

I’m making a huge assumption and thinking that you have a NAP250 which needs a service and you are wondering how you are going to play music in the meantime.

The answer is that you go out and buy a Nait 3 or Nait 5. You then start a thread about how good the stand-in Nait is, and you are not missing your big rig at all.

Then your NAP250 comes back. You plug it in and it blows you away. You then start another thread about the stand-in Nait was lovely but the big rig with the serviced 250 is the real deal.

And everywhere, the lives of Naim forumers are enriched! :smile: :joy:



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Smart guy! But no… I have a SN2/“HiCap” but in the end want to move to (preloved) 282/250DR/HiCap

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So you could use a 282 and Hicap with the SN2 set in power amp mode (and connected appropriately). This gives you a stepping stone to the replacement of the SN2 with a 200 or 250.

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Exactly, thanks. Now the money and the wife :slight_smile:

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That’s the hard bit :crossed_fingers:

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Start with flowers, a dinner and name a star after her.

If your dealer is an handsome guy, introduce her.


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