Playback problem

Hello everyone
I want to share with you an interesting phenomenon that started two days ago-
The ND5XS2 streamer reads the files in CORE not in the way they were copied to it.
For example, the sections in each disc are not played in the original order, some sections are played twice and some are not played.
Do any of you have this problem?
By the way
Both the CORE and the streamer are updated.

Sounds like a metadata problem, do the files all have a track number or are there any duplicate track numbers or some with none at all?

Are these CD rips the Core did itself or downloads you have added yourself?

In any case, if it was ok but isn’t now then restarting the Core is probably a good thing to try. Put it into deep sleep by pressing the front panel button for 5 seconds, then when it has shut down, unplug the mains power, then after about ten seconds reconnect the power and let it restart.

You could also restart the ND5 XS2, although I don’t think the issue is with the streamer.



Thanks for your response,
These are over 2000 CDs that I made RIP in wav format, using the UINTI CORE about a year ago.
I have no further data on the hard disk except for the same CDs.
Strange that the problem suddenly popped up,
Beyond that, I would not give a high grade for arranging information in CORE …
Sometimes the search for a particular disc or section is exhausting …
I will try to turn off and on, hope this solves the phenomenon.

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