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Hi, I’m searching for any information for replace original laser head lens pick up for CDM9Pro of the NACDI. I have no idea if it is still available as a spare part and if I can replace it myself at home. And I’d like to apply to find out how you solved the inevitable slight discoloration of the CD loading tray. Obviously I would like to avoid a repainting, better if there are tips from grandma (homemade tricks). Thank you.

This is definitely a specialised job, so probably not one for your dealer. @NeilS could probably let us know where what can be done at the factory.

Thank for your response. I have already replaced laser groups, to be precise in two Thorens TCD 2000, successfully without the need for any special calibration. But the NACDI laser group is different, so thank you for the advice, when the case arises I will send it to a specialized center. So is it still available as a spare part?

Probably not. Naim only provide parts to approved service and repairers. AFAIK there’s more to it than just replacing the part, and I think correct calibration is essential.

Interestingly the Pro has a brush-less motor, the non pro not. And the laser is made by Sharp

Hi neutronsix,

It depends what has caused the discolouration you describe, if it is a build up of finger grease, presaturated isoprop wipes (from Electrolube for example) are very good at removing it without leaving lots of lint behind. You do need to be very gentle & clean the entire tray in one hit to avoid leaving any tide marks.
Unfortunately if the discolouration has been caused by wear to the surface, there isn’t much you can do to restore it.
As for your transport query, we don’t have any stock of 9pro transports or lasers now. We can however fit a 9/44 laser assembly into the 9pro body. It is a tiny “downgrade” as they have plastic lenses (pro is glass) but are otherwise interchangeable.


Hi NeilS,
you have been extremely exhaustive. As for the CD loading tray, I am inclined to believe that they are deposits of finger fat, I do not see any removal of the paint and when I moisten it I get a nice homogeneous surface of the original tint. As it dries obviously the spots return as if it were patchy fog.
Finally, for what you have told me about the optical group, I thank you for further information on the possible “downgrade”.
Thanks a lot.

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