Playing Apple downloads from NAS on UNITIQUTE2

I wonder if anyone can advise. I bought a UNITIQUTE2 from Glasgow Audio a number of years ago. I was advised to use a NAS drive and a iPad to control the device. The sound quality is superb as might be expected from a NAIM device. Unfortunately, despite many efforts and the employment of a computer specialist I cannot get the set up of UNITIQUE2, NAS and IPAD with NAIM App to work properly. I have spent many days of frustration and neither Glasgow Audio nor NAIM support appear to be able to resolve the problem. Currently I can play music ripped from my old CDs and located on the NAS drive. However, I have purchased a lot of CDs from the Apple store. I have copied these off my main Apple Computer onto the NAS, unfortunately, the NAIM app doesn’t seem to recognise these files and I can’t play them. Is there an obvious solution or do I need to stream the downloaded music from my desktop. I would be most grateful of any suggestions before I lose any more hair, I don’t have much left to lose!


Hi, what file format are these Apple Music files? I’m wondering if drm is involved.

Which playback software on your computer is able to play them?

Plus I’m assuming you have upnp software installed on your nas; asset or minimserver?

You should be able to convert the music files into eg flac using “xld” software on your Mac. (Though that shouldn’t be necessary).

All music from Apple / iTunes store are AAC, when downloaded. Of course you can transcode them afterwards.

Apple started with DRM in the first years, but stopped doing so circa 2009.

Do you mean they don’t show in the naim app, or they show but can’t be played?

I’m assuming this is a upnp issue.
I’ve added a generic upnp server to jriver with no conversion, and this allows me to play “m4a” aac files on my uq2, keeping the original audio format.
Usually everything is transcoded to 24 bit pcm.

Thanks to everyone for their inputs. I remain unclear about what to do but I think my questions are clearer.

  1. Is it possible to enable playing of these iTunes files despite the fact that they are DRM’d? As mentioned above, the manual says no, but perhaps someone knows better.

  2. If not, is there an easy way to get these iTunes tracks without DRM? Perhaps a setting in the Music app?

  3. If not, is there a way to mass-convert the problem track to a more usable format and remove the DRM?

  4. As for UPNP, it is the mechanism that allows the NAS to “advertise” itself on the home network and make the tracks available. And yes, we enabled UPNP on the NAS.

Many thanks


If the files have DRM then you can only use them within a validated Apple Music environment. So with the UQ2, you’d have to play from within Apple Music and use Airplay to a connected Airport device connected via s/pdif to the UQ2. Airport Express units can be bought for little more than tenner these days, so it’s not a costly exercise, albeit somewhat limited.

There’s plenty of info online about what can and cannot do with DRMed music files. There are undoubtedly work-arounds, but I would hazard a guess they are of dubious legality and thus outside the scope of discussion here on this forum.

Morning David.

Apple replaced the drm’d downloads with non drm’d versions where possible a number of years ago. If i recall correctly, a redownload from the ‘my purchased’ section of the store should replace your local copy. You may need to remove the tunes from your itunes library first to enable the redownload option. Not all albums were updated though so it might not work for all, we still have a few with drm. Also check the album is still available on the store before attempting… the Music store content changes with albums dropping no longer available for download.

If there is no DRM on them and you can install asset on your NAS you could asset encode them on the fly as mp3 or wav:-

MP3 sounds horrible though, so probably better to transcode them to something that sounds ok.

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They are almost certain to be AAC, so I can’t see any reason to transcode them.

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