Playing from USB

I have two Naim products - a Uniti Star and have recently bought a Muso Qb 2. I use the Muso to listen when I train in our back room and I used to play using Tidal. However, quite a few tracks I want to listen to are not on Tidal and I have copied them onto USB. I have a few questions
1 Is there any way to create a playlist which is a mix of streamed music (eg Tidal) and music on either usb or a ripped cd?
2 How do I select the play order from usb?

As you can tell I’m a novice on the tech side, but I will be very grateful for any suggestions and pointers. Thanks

Hi Billy, what you want to do is possible, in that you can create a play queue from a mixture of Tidal and locally stored tracks. What you can’t do as far as I’m aware is create a saved playlist from mixed sources. If you want to do this you need to create separate playlists and then queue them up together when you want to listen to them.

As you also have a Star I would suggest that you connect the USB drive to that. Then turn on Server mode in the settings menu. This will give you access to the USB drive via the Server input on the Muso, from which you can then add tracks or albums to your play queue.

Thanks a lot Chris. I’ll give it a go

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