Playing music on Samsung phone SD card

I have a Samsung galaxy A23 phone. I have stored some music on an SD card in the phone.
I have downloaded foobar200 and vlc music players but I cannot get either to access the SD card to play music.
I formatted the SD card using the phone before I stored music on it.
Does anyone know how to make this work?
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I had another look on the internet and I found I can get the app called “Samsung Music” to work. It’s not ideal in that it mixes in suggested albums with my own albums bit it’s better then nothing.

Have you tried the bubble upnp/dlna app? I’d be surprised if that didn’t do what you want

On an iphone:
Foobar2000 seems to want to access its own folder the “foobar2000 music folder” wherever that is. You can’t decide where it lives or move it.
Vlc - you should be able to access “local files” through the network option. It’s not as inflexible as foobar2000. Without being able to add a memory card I can’t experiment but I’d like to think you should be able to navigate through it.
I think the software that used to be recommended was a denon music player app.
I need to raid my memory banks ….
Quick search later : poweramp for android.

Bubble upnp can access SD Card, Cloud Drives and NAS Drives as well as folders on your phone. The licensed version is also very inexpensive and works across phones and tablets.

I use PowerAmp it works well and can access all non system folders on the phone once you have allowed access

I use Musicolet to play music from the SD card of my Samsung phone. Works fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the replies. I tried the various suggestions and ended up with Musicolet. It lets me navigate my files through the directory structure which is what I am used to with asset-upnp on my NDX. Example
I go …
or …
I never bother searching by “Song”, “Artist” or anything else.

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