Playing Qobuz on 1st gen Muso via NDX2 multiroom: 24/192 dropouts

Playing Qobuz on 1st gen Muso via NDX2 multiroom generally works very well. However, dropouts on the few 24/192 titles I’ve tried so far seem to happen every time. Just wondering is this has been noted before - my searches didn’t find anything similar. Network is all wired with HQ cable.

… from past posts I believe it was reported that the 24/192 files did have problems with the Muso 1st generation. Perhaps a search through some older threads on the Muso would reveal more information.

I have been away from the forum for a bit but before I left there was a problem with Qobuz and 192 files with the new streamers. It seems there has been a fix with the MuSo and Qb gen2 and native Qobuz. I assume we still await the fix for the new streamers and 192 Qobuz, which would still appear using NDX2 multi room with first gen MuSo.

I would welcome someone jump in if I have got this wrong. If I am right, does anyone know when the new streamer Qobuz 192 fix is due?

@Barney - Could you provide a list of 192/24 albums you are having trouble with. I can play a couple on my NDX 2. I thought I have occasionally played albums at 192/24 without problems. Is the problem you are having with just the Muso? or the NDX 2 as well?

I used to be able to play Qobuz 24/192 fine through BubbleUPnP and my 272. It now drops drops out every few seconds so it’s just not on the new streamers.

Recent switcher (from Tidal) so haven’t come across many, but dropouts were occurring every couple of minutes on Chet Baker - The Legendary Riverside Albums. Always on the Muso with that album. My impression with the NDX2 was dropouts did occasionally occur at first a few weeks ago, but seems to have been fine more recently. Need to try again to be more certain.

Just been playing this on Atom. Get a very brief (0.5 sec) hiccup every couple of tracks. If I remember tomorrow I’ll try it on my Vega which should help investigate whether it’s a Naim or Qobuz issue.


On the Chet Baker 5 CD there were 39 tracks and I notice 13 tracks that has very short interruptions, I thought they were like a album skipping. I don’t believe they were drop-outs from the streamer but were part of the recording. A few of the tracks had multiple skips.

This is with a NDX 2 with a ethernet connection not wireless.

Maybe Naim could chime in about any FW updates to fix this problem for the new streamers.

Can you confirm whether or not you get the same issues just playing on your NDX2 (with no multiroom running)?

Dropouts still occur on the NDX2 with multiroom off, but much less frequently. The Chet Baker album seems particularly prone to dropouts, though they don’t occur at the same point in the song when you play it back again, i.e. essentially random occurrence during any particular album, but apparently more likely for some albums than others. Also, on occasion the dropout seemed to occur at the exact moment when there was some activity on the iPad, e.g. when the remaining time ‘slider’ on the (Naim) app was ‘catching up’ after a not being active for a while, or the opening/use of another app. Only occurred a few times, so hard to be certain. It’s plausible, I guess, that ‘traffic’ on the iPad might delay (ever so slightly) status updates between the NRDX2 and the Naim app, and that maybe is a factor on these 24/192 tracks. As noted, the streamers are all wired. The iPad usually has a reasonably good connection to the router. Whatever, not a biggie at the moment given the paucity of 24/192 tracks.

So, I’ve listened to the Chet Baker album on the Vega at 24/192 and there are still what @seakayaker well describes as “short interruptions”. Intrigued, I then listened to the 16/44 CD quality version and, for example, on track 2 there’s the same interruption at the same point, so I don’t think it’s to do with 24/192, at least with this album.

Just checked and it happens with the Qobuz App on my iPad at exactly the same point.


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I think there is a minor issue with the Chet Baker album on Qobuz. Not found this with other albums though. Just played a whole album on the Atom at 24/192 with no breaks or skipping.


Thanks @PeakMan @seakayaker - seems the Chet Baker is (happily) an atypical 24/192. To confound things further, just listened to the first few tracks on the Mac (desktop) Qobuz app (set to 24/192) - no dropouts yet, whereas it always occurred on the first track played through the NDX2 (multiroom or not). Not enough rhyme or reason (for me) to make sense of it :confused: . Cheers

Barney, FWIW, I just played an album from Terje Rypdal titled ‘Waves’ on Qobuz at 192/24 and there was no skips or hesitation throughout the whole album. You may want to give it a run on your system to see if you experience any dropouts.

Listened to ~20 mins on the NDX2 – no dropouts whatsoever. Similarly for all of Cannonball Adderley’s “Somethin’ Else” (24/192) - and that was the NDX2 through the Muso.

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