Playing ripped files from external ssd

I am a new Uniti Atom user. I have attached a 1TB Samsung drive, formatted it and ripped 2 CDs to it with no errors reported When I select the USB input for playback there is nothing to see on the drive although I have designated it as a music store. What can I have done wrong, and how do I correct it ? Grateful for any advice. No previous experience of streaming devices.

Can you explain how you ripped the CD’s, what Software, what format did you select, and can you see the files on that drive from your PC (a screenshot may help here)?

I am not sure about the Atom buy my first gen NDS only plays musicfiles from a storage device if that is formatted as FAT32. If not,indeed nothing is found on the SSD. May be your problem.

The new platform supports FAT, exFAT, and NTFS. So unless you plug in a drive formatted on e.g. a Mac, things should work.

When using the USB input, make sure you select the front or backport accordingly.

The rip must produce any kind of „standard audio files“ on the PC; usually 1 file per track, usually put into 1 folder per CD. (For organization.)
It should play about any usual format. (MP3, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, …)

Don’t put a „raw“ CD rip on there (neither a full ISO image, nor tracks which were „dragged and dropped“ in the Explorer.

I think that’s about what there’s to know.

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What you need to do is to look under servers in the Atom input selection rather than USB.

What exactly do you mean by ‘designated it as a music store’? All you need to do with a USB drive is copy the files to it and stick it in the Atom USB port.
As David says, the Server input under Local Music is where you should look. As long as the files have metadata and artwork added you will be able to browse them properly whereas in the USB input you just see a basic folder view.

Many thanks David. That’s it. The remaining mystery is why I failed to realise something so obvious. I must try harder.

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