Playlist on ipad

Am I being stupid?! I have a few options on my iPhone such as Playlist, Artist, Album etc that sit above the presets on the home screen. I just can’t see the option for playlist!

If these are Tidal or Qobuz favourites they can be enabled in input settings for each input.
If they are playlists created in the app from music on a local server they will appear automatically, but only on that device. They are stored within the app, so will not appear on any other device you use.

Thanks @ChrisSU its just there is no heading even for it. All works fine on my iPhone its just missing on the iPad!

Not sure what you mean by “no heading”?

The crucial information is already in Chris’s reply. The playlist only appears on the device on which it was created. That’s why it’s there in your iPhone and not your iPad.

If you create a playlist on your iPad then the Heading Playlist will magically appear. I don’t use playlists, so I had no Playlist heading on my iPhone. I created a new playlist on it and the heading Playlist appeared when I saved it.

Ahhha. Ok. Yes I understand now. I will look at all of the other missing headings as well and see if I can get them to appear.

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