Playlist problems Qoubus

Hi. I don’t know if this have been covered earlier but I have some problems when I choose an album or a playlist into Linn kazoo, linn or lumin app. The hole list won’t fill in so to say.

I have minimserver and bubble installed in a synology Nas and stream to a NDX.

Do you have any solutions on this?

/ Anders

Or someone maybe can help me answer where the playlists are collected? In the server, app in ipad or in the NDX.
My server is a pretty old Synology ds 211 I think. To move forward with my issue I want some clues if I should buy a new server or go with a solution with a late 2015 mac mini and install server on that. I have not tried that yet because the mac mini don`t have a working hdmi output. I have to buy a usb to hdmi if that maybe is mor stable.

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