Playlists on favorites maybe

Hi folks, I’m really new to the Atom and just finding my way around.

I’ve worked out how to add radio stations to favourites. Which is nice as anyone can walk up to the unit and play the radio. But then that got me thinking is it possible to add your favourite Spotify or Tidal playlist to the home screen. I think that would be dead handy if you could. It’s not much hassle to get the iPad or phone out but I just think it would be cool.

Thanks. Jon.

Hi Jon. It’s an oddity of the current range of Naim streamers that, unlike their predecessors, you cannot control Tidal from the front screen/remote control. You have to use the app.
Having added a fancy colour screen and Zigbee remote, it seems odd to me that it can do a lot less than on the old models, but that’s the way it is!

I’d just like to walk up to my Atom press the star and pick a playlist as I do with radio stations. I love the tactical feel of it so I think it’s a shame that I have to walk past a grab my phone.

Clearly it was designed for people who don’t like to leave the sofa.

Yeah but it’s a beautiful looking piece of kit that demands to be out, not locked in a rack, especially with that lovely dial on top. Maybe in a future update then.

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