I often make up TIDAL playlists via the Naim app to listen to on my Muso whilst doing other jobs. Usually, everything works fine but I have noticed recently that sometimes a track doesn’t play despite being included in the playlist.
If I go into the playlist and choose a song that the playlist plays and select ‘Play this track’ - it plays the song, as you would expect.
If I go into the playlist and select the track that the playlist ignores it says ’ 1 track added’. I’ve noticed it particularly with London Grammar songs. I can play a London Grammar album with no issues but if I try to embed a LG track within a playlist of other artists, it is ignored.
Has anyone else experienced this or am I doing something wrong?

Don’t know the answer, but I had a similar problem with Madeleine Payroux. Since moving to Qobuz I don’t make as many lists as the Qobuz ones are really interesting, but LG and MP are much more stable when I do make a list.

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