Playstation 4 Pro fan noise

My son has one of these and fan noise is horrendous on all but the simplest games.

I’ve ‘hoovered out’ the side vents either side, but probably need to get to the system fan and an online vid suggests it’s easy to remove the PS4 Pro lid my pulling up front section centrally - not sure, I’m probably not pulling hard enough but it’s barely budging.

I assume the GPU has its own fan.

Any hints/tips. In reality it’s not seen huge amounts of use.

There’s probably tutorials galore out there. When I had an Xbox (an old one!) I replaced the stock fan with an “acoustifan” it was much quieter. If able to replace, look at noctua fans.

Try here PlayStation 4 Pro Fan Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

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Try console parts 4 u (all one word) co uk
Look for “ Genuine Sony PS4 Pro Playstation 4 Pro Replacement Internal Cooling Fan (Nidec)” £22

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Many thanks!

No problem. There are a lot of torx screws to remove, you might consider putting new thermal paste for the cpu while you are there inside. Again there are guides online.
Fitting a noctua etc requires using a dremel I suggest skipping that option!

Don’t have qualms about opening it up but he may! replacing HD with SSD may be beneficicial too. Question is whether or not it’s simply fans kicking in as they ought to or if the ventilation is poor.

AFAICS new PS4s seem unavailable though PS5 may play older PS4 games - naturally he wants the PS5 and has been saving for one.

I put a hybrid in mine, part ssd part hdd, it was a bit cheaper and an improvement over stock. 1tb hybrid cheaper than 1tb ssd. And easy to do.

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I tried the same top plate removal and it’s not easy at all, in fact it was APITA and so i reccommend watching a few ytube instruction video how tos. I wiped down all the inner surfaces and used cotton buds to remove the encrusted junk from the fan assemmbly and it was a laborious task too. Having re-assemmbled and started a game the fan noise was a little quieter but no where near what my x box scorpio could do which was whisper quiet. So don’t expect miracles and you should be okay.

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The fan noise is actually normal for the ps4 pro as it’s been described sometimes as loud as an aircraft taking off so it could be impossible to make it much quieter. Sony skimped on the cooling and fan design which was later improved in the late ps4 pro models (the one with a fig of 8 power socket was a re-design so is much quieter in operation). The ps5s cooling and fan are much more revolutionary and are much quieter though, so i would buy this if at all possible.

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