Please HELP ! Attempting to Set Up Uniti Atom not responding

I am trying to set up Atom and I am getting nowhere.

In short, this is what happens when I power up Atom

Atom turns on when first plugged in. (Naim light at bottom does not come on)

  • Front screen turns on with the wave of colors.
  • Welcome screen comes up and from here I can not get anything else to work.
  • I follow instructions on the screen and attempt to pair the remote as suggested, following instructions completely. Ultimately I try to pair over a dozen times and move on to other combinations of ideas.
  • Attempt to use my iOs device and it points me back to pairing the remote before proceeding.
  • I’ve attempt to do a factory reset as per instructions multiple times to no avail.
  • Per other findings on Atom remote I hold the remote away from the unit and as soon as I push the home key the volume ring on the remote circles suggesting it’s working.
  • Power button push and hold on Atom per other recommendations many times to see if anything acts different.

Each of the above, when told to push and hold buttons 3 seconds or 5 seconds as directed I did and after that did not work I proceeded other times to hold the buttons longer to see if anything acts different.
Including disconnecting all electronics near by along with powering down my router and restarting it.

I’ve tried numerous things with remote, removing and replacing batteries. The remote lights up and lights circle around center area.

Nothing ever happens to Atom no other lights such as Naim light at bottom or light on top around dial. The only lights on screen include the colored waves when powering up followed by Welcome screen requesting you pair the remote control.

After reading others experience and recommendations, I attempt to do a factory reset on Atom numerous times and I get no different responses.

The one thing the Atom does do is flashes the power button in sequence. The sequence of flashing is 4-1-3.

If you are sure you are holding the remote within 5cm of the Atom screen while pairing I can only suggest you contact your dealer for support.

Thank you for commenting. I have held remote within 5cm and other forum instructions suggest placing against the screen so I’ve attempted both ways.

Presumably you’ve put the batteries in the remote.

The flashing is an error code, contact Naim support and give them that information.

Thank you.



I returned the Uniti Atom and the new one appears to be acting correctly.

Thank you,

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