Please help : MU SO 2 on LG OLED55C7V


I am trying to use my Mu So 2 as a sound bar with my LG TV.
I connected the Mu SO with an HDMI cable to the HDMI ARC of the LG (HDMI 2).
Then I tried to add the soundbar with the LG device connector.
No sound during testing.
If I continue, when asked to select a brand/product, I can’t find Naim or the Mu So 2.

Could someone gave me the play-by-play to connect the Mu So to my TV?
It’s in Bluetooth for now but the latency is not good.

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I use an optical cable they are cheap and it will work fine. In the mean time i would contact Naim as there have been issues with some tv brands and their software updates for hdmi arc.

Rather than using the LG Connector just go into Settings > Advanced Settings > Sound and set the sound output there to HDMI (PCM).

I also have an LG though not quite the same model. As @XMB says, just select HDMI ARC from the Settings menu.
In normal use, when you turn on the TV, the Mu-so will also turn on and switch to HDMI (in case it was on a different source before powering off). First use, if the Mu-so is already on, ensure you’ve set the source to HDMI.

well, my cable may not be HDMI 2.0 so it may be that.
Otherwise I have no clue.
Except using the naim app, how can I be sure that I’m on HDMI (and not bluetooth or chromecast)?

HDMI ARC for stereo should not need a super-duper HDMI cable.

From all the input icons, there should be one for HDMI (unless you renamed it; I called mine “TV”). It needs to be active from the settings menu, to be able to see it on the “home screen” of the app.
Once you see it there, it should be highlighted (white background) to be active.

Whether the input activates upon power-on of the TV should be possible to configure in the HDMI input settings. (At least, this is the case for my former Atom / now Nova.)

As others have advised your HDMI setting is led/determined by the settings on your TV not the Naim app

You should also try another HDMI cable, as I have quite a few brand new ones that were faulty! Picture fine but no sound.

I don’t get it.
Yesterday it was working. Then I put the Mu So in sleep mode, and now, it’s not working anymore.

Same cable, same HDMI port.

Maybe it’s LG, maybe it’s Mu So.

To be clear, I have to put the Mu So on HDMI before launching my TV and put HDMI out on my LG and it should work.

This is suppose to be quite simple, but it is really not!

Can someone give me a play-by-play of the sequence? Like:
1- do this
2- do that
3- do this

Thanks. For now it’s on bluetooth all the time, even the build in Tidal only works from time to time.
This app is just terrible. For a 1.500€ product, it’s quite a shame.

Last question, is the sound better on bluetooth, HDMi or in optical? Or is it the same, since LG doesn’t have a great amplifier?

I did. No sound…

If it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t then this sounds like the age-old HDMI handshaking getting out of sync. Is your firmware up to date in your TV?

FWIW, personally, I have never liked HDMI as a connector and the awful handshaking thing (thank the lawyers) is just a minefield. If everyone stuck to a known standard then it would probably be better, but still far from perfect.

Another thing to try is to remove the mains supply power (unplug) from all HDMI connected devices (TV and Mu-So), wait 5-mins, then turn back on the mains power. You may need to go into the TV settings again to select PCM and HDMI for the sound output.

Exactly. Same setup as mentioned in the original post. Works great.

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