Please mention 5 Naim flagship / best CD Player

anybody know what is 5 models of Naim flagship/best CD Player since they were made until nowadays



cd5x (teasing CDX1/2 owners)


Uniti Core and NDX2 :wink:


what about CDX ?

those are not CD player ?

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Technically speaking, no, sorry, I was being cheeky…

But rip CD once and store on the Core, stream from the NDX2.

Personally I did never feel affection for the CDX/CDX2 range, good players, but just no love from my side. I must say that I never heard them with a power supply …

CD5 & CD5x: wonderful for me.

I listen mostly to classical music which might be a major part in my preferences!

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Or bring the list more up to date and include the CD5XS :slight_smile:

CDX/CDX2 comes with XPS/2 it should be

The CDS needs a PS, but the CDX / CDX2 can operate without one. But maybe I did not understand your comment correctly.

Very correct and it even has a digital out, but it is one I have not heared (yet).

How is the CD5XS with classical music, Chistopher_M?

Within the context of a complete XS set, I find it very balanced. Mine has a FCXS and a Hiline too.

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I think “X” series of Naim CD Players is awfull, all the hero

CD3 & CD5Si - best value for money CD players Naim have ever made.


yes, agree

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