PLS Trio - where next?

Its thanks to this Forum I have discovered the two albums by PLS. Trio (Cosmonauts and East River) - so thank you. To my ears the best thing I have heard in ages.

My knowledge of Jazz is weak so I was wondering if anyone could propose something ‘similar’ for future listening as I am struggling. I think the aspects that appeal are its quite melodious and the contrast with the electronic aspects. These play particularly well for someone who has just invested in a small subwoofer!

Many thanks in advance.


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Perhaps you can try Manu Katche or EST trio.


Great thanks. Will give them a go.

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as e.s.t. is already mentioned i recommend

GoGo Penguin

Parc X Trio

have fun


Thanks - GoGo Penguin is good stuff!


Maybe you could try Tingwall Trio.

It’s probably more accessible than e.s.t. (witch are part of my favourites); but unfortunately no electronic components in it.
MArco :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m listening to them currently, another thumbs up from me on this recommendation.


Fred Simon - Dreamhouse

Ketil Bjornstad - Floating

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Lorenzo Naccarato Trio - S/T

Lorenzo Naccarato Trio - Nova Rupta

These were yet another find courtesy of @BertBird !

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Yes really like [quote=“Nick.Lees, post:9, topic:14385”]
Lorenzo Naccarato
Thank you!

Give this a try as well

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Some more recommendations:
Mammal Hands
The Tord Gustavsen Trio
Nathalie Loriers Trio

Vestbo Trio too, on Bandcamp the album Gentlemen was mentioned on here recently but in hindsight I wish I bought all of their albums first time round rather than one then another and another it would have saved me a few £s.

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