Plug and Play

I was today faced with two issues which show the world isn’t always so plug and play…

  1. At once my workouts can’t be published anymore to Facebook from Garmin connected. Apparently Facebook changed the method and now it doesn’t work anymore.
  2. At once today my Melco is not visible anymore on the network - meaning I can’t make a couple of correction edits I wanted to make. Apparently to do something with Windows, but again no solution available.

And it’s just two examples of “new” issues we are faced with in this connected world. And it’s also hitting our hobby and making it sometimes very difficult to find out when something is not working - in the past for instance the Qobuz connection issues, or the random reboots.
And more and more we are expected to become deep technicians to make it work again…

Would be interested if others start to also get some level of frustration about this and how you deal with them…

I can’t ever imagine any frustration on 1. I have never had a Facebook account bar for work and can’t imagine a scenario where I would actively share data about my location via that company.

I used Strava until each of its updates consistently screwed up the speed of my next activity. Moved to Runkeeper which appears to not have that issue but whose GPS is unreliable at best. In both instances I have gone out of my way to lock down my activity data to ensure that it’s definitely not public.

Actively go out of my way to ensure my data leakage to Facebook is negligible to nil.

Just a guess, but your second issue may be related to SMB1 support being disabled from Windows. It can be re-enabled, just google “How to enable SMB1 on Windows”

But to answer your question, Tech is absolutely brilliant when it works, and absolutely frustrating when it doesnt

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Will look into that one, thanks for the hint

Thanks again @GadgetMan the suggested solution worked and I can again edit my tags…very happy with that…

Very glad to hear. SMB 1 was seen as one of those areas that could be hacked, and so along came SMB 2. I would imagine it’s a vulnerability that you would need to be on the same local network to attack, but as you are on your home network, I’d imagine its OK.

As someone who grew up with and works in computers / tech, solving those kinds of problems is something i actually enjoy…

When everything just works™ i get bored and start fiddling around with stuff until something breaks again that i can fix. :wink:

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I worked in the IT field for a while (UNIX/Sybase) and have a big dislike of windows. Chasing around for drivers for printers etc used to drive me mad. It is good but as open anybody can do anything with it which in most cases is not a good thing. I moved over to Apple products (UNIX based) about 20 years ago and have not looked back. Yes they do have issues as well but for me few and far between. I love the fact I turn it on and it just works.

Fully agree, I started in the unix world, then moved to windows, but ended with both. In fact lots of the scripts I wrote in windows used unix commands as they were just brilliant. Yes you now have powershell but that was slow in coming, where as bourne shell has been around for decades, and was powerful from day 1.

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