Plug-in noise filter

Does anyone use these? They simply fit into a spare socket and work in the background. Are they worth the bother?


I have a Russ Andrews Silencer thingy, bought years ago on promises of audio heaven, TBH I could not detect a difference with/without it.
I now have it plugged into my SMPS power strip because according to RA they are more effective when used close to the source of ‘noise’.

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I also have a Russ Andrews thingy next to my Hugo PSU. Any difference is minimal to not detectable … but it’s in there.

Think these are some sort of smothing capacitor in a plug in box…and are supposed to be serviced every few years (I believe) as presumably the capacitor degrades …as they all eventually do

I have a Russ Andrews thingy too…it did seem to cut down on mains rf a bit. But I changed to all PowerLine Lites and a new extension so I’m not sure which contributed more (the rf is much better now, so maybe a combination).

Gentlemen - many thanks for your feedback. From what I’ve read it’s clear that it’s not a value for money upgrade. Dave

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My dealer loaned me two different Nordost AC line filter/conditioner thingies to try. I hear a marginal improvement, but decided that’s not something to add until I have my electrical service upgraded to a dedicated subpanel for the two-channel equipment. Maybe at that point they won’t make any difference (or more).

Wet day, golf cancelled, idle curiosity etc …
I took the RA Silencer thingy apart & took a peep.
This is the schematic with values & some pics

10 bob’s worth of components ?

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I suspect the case was more expensive

It more than a smoothing cap then …looks like a DC blocker type thing as well …but not sure how that would even work as a passive device…

Its a simple passive noise suppression circuit. There is no DC blocking.
The X 0.47uF caps aided by the 82kohm resistor suppress the differential line noise…
The Y 0.1uF caps & resistors suppress common mode noise
The VDR & diode are surge/spike suppression

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Ahh thanks M B …I’ve miss read what the circuit does

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