PMC 21 + Atom fine tuning

Anyone possess an Atom and PMC 21 speakers … Bought this set up just before lockdown auditioned the speakers ( In perfect audition room surroundings ) and was blown away … got them home and since have found the bass lacking . An expensive mistake if you want to sell the speakers and look again … I’ve moved the speakers closer to the rear wall ( nearly up against ) and its changed the sound and added a depth that was lacking and now the speakers sound like they warrant the extra cost over the dynaudios they replaced … The PMC.s midrange is amazing … could anyone recommend a speaker cable for this pairing …

I use Chord ShawlineX with a Star and PMC 23i’s. Good quality and not massively expensive. I listened to Chord Clearway as well, much cheaper, though there is a bit more of everything with the ShawlineX.

So are you happy with the bass sound now? Did you purchase the same speakers you heard or a new pair? You may just need to give them a chance. The Chord Co range will work with the setup. Try Rumour X or above.

I use Chord Rumour X with Nova and PMC twenty5.21s and it works really well

Without doubt use std Naim cable NacA4 … also remove links on speakers and replace with cable…

Which speaker cable do you have at the moment? It may be perfectly ok. When I had a pair of PMC twenty.23 I preferred Tellurium Q Black to Naim NacA5.

If the bass is still lacking your listening position could be in a bass null. Have you tried changing your listening distance in relation to speakers to hear if the bass changes.
I have recently gone from naca5 to WH phantoms, no shortage of bass with motive sx2

I am taking delivery of 25.21i today and I too have chosen Tellurium black ll cable. My home demo found them best about 4ins from rear wall. In my experience a speaker that immediately wows you with prominent bass may become problem over time.

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Hi please can you keep us all up to date with your findings of your fantastic new speaker

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Is that 4 inches from the top or bottom of the speaker?

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How exciting for you. How did you find the 21i with your Nait XS3? Did you feel there was sufficient drive?

Charles, the demo pair were used 4ins from top of speaker to wall. The bought ones are currently 6ins but I’ve not finished setting them up.

Thanks. The xs3 seems to offer more than enough drive. My room is relatively small and I rarely have the volume above 9 o clock. When I had the demo pair I did try them at high volume and they were very stable. It’s interesting when I had shop demo of xs3 the dealer used 25.23 floorstanders . They were impressive together but I thought they were over the top for my room, not to mention my wallet.

Thanks. I suspect the 23 needs quite a bit more power to get them going, so it’s good that you find the XS3 ok. Are you using the PMC stands? Sorry to keep asking questions!

Yes, I bought the dedicated PMC stands. They are quite impressive in design and build. They took me well over an hour to assemble. It would have took a 10 year old half that time. :woozy_face:

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Sorry for delay coming back to you … I bought this cable way back when I had the mk 1 Roksan Caspian amp and cd … so it’s quite and I can’t remember can anyone recognise it ? I think the name calypso springs to mind

Another vote for tellurium Q Black. I’m using them with pmc twenty5 22s.

I would suggest getting a second hand set as they are not only cheaper but the new cables take forever to run in and don’t sound great when new.

Calypso was the interconnects so forget that …

I know speakers need running in, but cable? Intrigued to know more.