PMC 5.24 goodness

I know it’s a question already asked, but today after seeing this video I doubt of PMC goodness… as I subscribed on fbook ANaim Enthusiast :slightly_smiling_face:

I come from a transmission line system,NAC 202 and I’m very impressed for last 6 year:TDL STUDIO 3 and STUDIO 1; last week change my point of view and I evaluated to sell my STUDIO 3 for PMC .23 or .24 , but I find this video and something changed again, they are too much overvalued on new and demo prices !! they are only a good speakers in pre-owned market.My mind is confused again , perhaps ATC scm 40 they go to the first place again.What you think? I remember that I am a fan of the transmission line and that PMC for me remains a reference, but with these terms I am a little disappointed !!

Have you actually listened to these speakers? Rather than looking at a video, they might be best listened too… Before that it’s difficult to assess as to whether they are too expensive, or not…

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Thx, not yet.Only learning on forums opinions :wink:

FWIW, I bought the 25.23 (admittedly before the price rise); and I have no regrets. To me, the transmission line is worth a lot, as it makes placement so much easier. Better “value-for-money” speakers aren’t worth a lot if they don’t work in your room…

Thx, I’ve no space from the wall so the transmission line and sealed cabinet are best for my room, PMC and ATC are my next step…Pmc ATL remain on olympus for the transmitted feeling, as I already have in TDL STUDIO 3. So next months I try to listen SCM 40 and PMC 20.24 or 5.24.But in italy are they are not very common to find :open_mouth:

Sealed speakers do need space – and it’s certainly my impression from reading here that this is the case with ATC SCM 19 and 40.

Re PMC, consider Fanthorpes in Hull. They might be able to make you a good deal, and then send them over to Italy… Though make sure that you insure the speakers, and do it before Brexit…

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@Patu I learn about your SCM40 experience vs 5.26 in an old forum , pink fish media perhasps…

What does this video tell use…the main driver looks good…the xover looks well designed…tweeter is a good unit. Box is MDF…my only observation is the large aperture for the fancy xover plate… Also the most important thing is how does it sound…and they are very good…
This is a speaker more than equal to the sum of its parts…

I was shocked!!!

So speakers only consist of some drivers…a cross over…and a wooden box full of padding???
What a rip off
Where is the magic fairy dust we are told goes into every one…
Thank you for sharing this exposure

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The cabinet is actually quite complex … with a transmission line of around 16ft or so…a.d the finish is excellent.

Even these days with computer modelling to assist it takes many, many hours of trial and error to get a transmission line cabinet perfect. By trial and error I mean after designing it from the theoretical principles, the cabinet has to be built - fully, including every aspect that can have an effect, then tested. Then the design tweaked in one way of another and another cabinet built… That may take tens of attempts even when the initial design has been modelled by computer (far more, all trial and error, in IMF’s day back in the 1960s-70s). And when developing a new model it may never meet the exacting standards required, so back to the drawing board for a more radical re-think. That is why transmission line speakers tend to be at the premium end of the price bracket - that and the fact that the resultant bass can be worth the extra cost. Otherwise they, like other manufacturers, have to make a profit, and at the higher end of the quality and price ranges there needs to be sufficient mark-up given that sales will never be high volume.

In other words, there is probably quite a similarity in the above regard to Naim electronics.

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Still breaking in a pair of 25.26, only 20 hours on them. They sound great out of the box. At the end of a nAimed lp12, 282/250DR, power lines with ansuz D-TC block. I could shoot a video of the same grainy quality of a pair of magicos and get the same reactions. Most cabinets are mdf, but the drivers with ATL and cross overs dialed in are what create the sound you like or don’t like. Always audition.

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