Pmc fact 8

Anybody own pmc fact 8 and what are they like with naim 252, nap300?.

Sure Do with a 252, Supercap DR and 250 DR, and very nice they are too. Had them for 5 years and still getting better. The 252 really upped their game. 3 dimensional and detailed. Fab

Yep. 272/XPSDR/250 Fact 8. Fabulous.

272/555dr/250dr/Fact.8’s here, excellent delivery and scale, soundstage amazes all the time. I did use a 200 before the 250 and the facts do like a good amp, so I would imagine a 300 would be very nice indeed.!

OK thanks for reply…

I ran Fact 8’s with 300 (252 and 552).

It’s been said a lot on this forum but speakers are room dependent, you really need to demo or you could easily make a mistake.

In my room acoustic simple music sounded superb on Fact 8’s but anything more complicated / lively became ear bleeding. Focal Kanta’s on the other hand really hit the spot.

Nice speakers, well made, do some great things but if you have a lively room, listen to complex music they may not work…

The support of your local dealer is key for speakers in my experience


The problem is getting a pair for home demo, I had the twenty 5 26 for demo and did not like them their seems to be a timing issue with the bass to my ears anyway but they are still good speakers.

Hmm the PMC sound just may not be for you. The Fact range is less forgiving than the Twenty5 range.

If the twenty 5 range didn’t work for you the fact 8 is unlikely to work either.

Lovely well made speakers but just couldn’t get them to work in my room enough of the time… had fact 8 and tried twenty five.6 - the latter was an upgrade over the fact 8 when I listened at my dealer but just didn’t work for me in my room

I do agree the home demo thing with speakers is a right faff, I was lucky that my local dealer is super helpful, knowledgeable, patient etc.

It is worth putting the effort in and key is finding a supportive dealer. I went through the process earlier this year - attended a few shows to see what was out there, narrowed that down by chatting to my dealer, In store demo of my current speakers v the other 4 choices I had made, whittled that down to the 3 and then a home demo

I ended up with ex demo Focal Kanta 2’s they work a great for me.


OK thanks maybe I should look at focal as well.

The Kanta is a lot less analytical than other focal speakers I have heard, they really work for me!

If you were looking at PMC I would defo have kanta’s on my consideration list and should be easier to demo with Naim at a local dealer given the same company!

The looks ain’t for everyone but I really like their 70’s appearance!


Not Fact 8s, but I did have the similarly voiced Fact 3s (with 272/XPSDR/250DR) for many years until very recently and loved them. But that is at least in part a reflection of the type of music I listen to, the room they were in, and my personal preferences in sound reproduction. I think the latter is very important and often overlooked by those who believe that, say, component A is “better” than component B and listeners who disagree must have poor hearing or an improperly set up system. I remember sitting next to another listener through a two hour audition comparing active and passive versions of the same speaker. By the end, I formed a strong preference for the actives, whereas my fellow listener preferred the passives equally strongly. Same room, same music, so purely down to personal preference. What this boils down to is that there is no substitute for going and listening, in your own room if at all possible, and choosing what gives you the most pleasure. Inevitably, this takes time and effort, but a good dealer can be a great help.

I hope you find what you are looking for soon.


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I was interested in Kanta 2 but, to be honest , after having downloaded from Focal website a user precaution guide on handling beryllium I was a little scared…Can you tell me more about your experience with these speakers?

Thanks for you reply I can comfirm my dealer will be getting the new upgraded fact 8 for home demo hopefully within the next couple of weeks and will let you know how I get on. Regards

Gosh — out of curiosity I had a look at that guide. My wife would never let me have these speakers. Can’t blame her — I love our child too…


I heard them at a few shows and enjoyed them, for me it was a big step up from Fact 8’s and when I got them home for a demo that was me done!

Recommending speakers is like recommending a wife for someone else - we all have different tastes and want different things and those things are influenced by our surroundings.

As I said before the process I went through was attend a few shows, chat with my dealer, dealer demo to narrow down further, home demo, extended home demo with my final two choices.

High effort but the guys at Basically Sound (local dealer) were brilliant with support and customer service.


Hi! Thank you for your answer. At the moment my dealer (in Italy) has neither the new signature Fact nor the focal Kanta. I have to wait until the end of September for a comparison. Can’t wait!!!

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