PMC Fenestria

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Anyone with experience on PMC Fenestria ? Any insights or comments ? Can outdo ProAc Carbon 8 ? Thanks a bunch.

I have heard them a number of times with Bryston amps, and more recently at a Naim event at signals. The event as a comparison of a 552/500 with the Naim Statement amps. The Signals main demo room is large with a vaulted ceiling and takes some “filling” with music. The Fenestria is a really great speaker imo, but comes at a hefty price. I have never heard the Proac speakers, though the new Dynaudio confidence 60 are also a great speaker with those amps.

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So, u have heard the Fenestria paired with Statement ? How is the vocal ? I value ProAc for their presentation on the vocals. Much appreciated for your comments.

I am not very good at putting words to what i hear, but i would certainly have them on my demo list. I thought the vocals were excellent. They played a Bob Dylan track man in a long black coat from the album Oh Mercy, the vocals were the best i have heard on this track. As mentioned this is a difficult room to get right, even the Kudos 808 struggles to really fill with sound. Though hopefully at the end of the month in active guise the 808 at the Signals Naim/ Kudos event, they will perform better. Not sure where you live but Signals near Ipswich have the Fenestria on permanent demo.
We had a event with PMC a few weeks ago with Peter Thomas the founder. Very interesting technical presentation. The panels on the side act like the pendulum at the top of a skyscraper to damp out movement. It acts the same way for the Fenestria damping out unwanted vibration. Its a top class speaker imo.

Well, I am located in Malaysia. There is a pair on demo in my Capital City. Will go audition in a couple of days. As mentioned, vocals are important to me so thanks for the insight.

Hope they use some decent amps, they were good with Bryston, but better with Naim amps like the nap500.

Likely, they will use full stack of TAD electronics from CD player to Pre and Power amps

In the UK, the Fenestria is a similar price to the Wilson Sasha DAW. Having heard both on the end of Naim and huge Bryston power amps, it would be worthwhile auditioning the Sasha DAW before making a final choice.

While I haven’t heard the Fenestria back-to-back with the PMC MB2SE, I’m not sure that it is better than the quite remarkable MB2SE.

Do let us know how you get on.

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With my limited ‘showtime’ experience of listening to the Fenestria’s and the MB2SE’s, I would say the former are very good speakers, the latter are absolutely fabulous speakers.

Have a very good long listen to them. I went to the same Signals show and couldn’t understand why everyone was raving over them. I use Titan 808’s with my Naim kit and prior to that I had ART Deco 20’s.

Admittedly, I am not a fan of Bryston amps, far too dry for me but I wasn’t getting the same enjoyment others were getting. I even went back for another long listen after Tony Miller tried to convince me they were one of the best speakers he had heard.

Thanks for all the comments. I will have to find out for myself,

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Let us know how you get on.

Will do thanks

When I first listened to the Fenestrias at the Signals show, It was first thing, I was sat near the front, and there was only a couple of us there. Later on, with us both having a listen, the room was full & we stood at the back. Different sound!

Like Gazza, I’ve listened to these speakers a couple of times in the main Signals demo space (too big to call it a room, more like a concert hall), & I’d still say they’re something really special, with great clarity and presence to the sound. Bit on the dear side mind…

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I’m sure Ovator S800 would be around the same price if still in production today.

I suspect the Fenestria are power hungry enough and demanding whereby you rally want to drive them with a Statement or passive triamped NAP500. What I am curious about, is with the crossover in the base so easily removable, do PMC have any plans to go active with them? I suspect not though.

i would say: before trying to install the Fenestria, try to set up correctly a naim system ! Specially if you are a dealer…

Mmmm speakers shoved in a corner. That’s a recipe for success :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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with the boxes stacked together…Mmmm

Exactly my thought FZ - other than those designed for such placement it is rare for speakers to sound good in corners. I was surprised at HiFi Lounge installing in such positions, so I read the article, and appended comments and understand that was the listener’s insistence.

But two things struck me as particularly interesting: firstly the choice of bass trap they tried, the PSI Audio AVAA C20 active traps. I had never come across these before and their claims are intriguing. I wonder how good they actually are? (The two they could accommodate in that room weren’t enough, but that is with the corner speaker placement.)

The other was the DSP unit they then used: called Trinnov, it is pretty pricey at £6k - though not expensive in the context of the system and wanting to use corner speaker placement. They used it between the Naim pre and power amps.