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PMC 20 series is there any mileage in replacing the std link bars on the speaker terminals?

I replaced the standard links on my twenty 24’s with chord odyssey which matches the speaker cable in use.
Thought there was a small improvement in SQ.

Yes - awful things. I went a bit further with my old PMCs by modifying the crossover to single wired but getting rid of the links is well worth doing. Use jumpers or make up an F type arrangement to feed both terminals.

I had PMC Twenty 21 speakers, I used them with the links and without by running the end of the speaker cable right through both terminals in line, I even managed to leave the cable insulation on in the section between the terminals, nice! This method requires no cut in the cable, no additional links, no crimped or soldered joints or connectors.

Despite the direct connectivity of this method, I can’t say that I noticed any change or improvement in the sound quality.

I replaced mine with dedicated links of the same speaker cable.

It made a difference for the better. Which is interesting because, at those short lengths, it really shouldn’t (and almost always doesn’t) make a difference unless something is really wrong with them.

Thanks for replying …I assume we are talking about better high frequency refinement - and detail???

The ‘improvements’ some people hear when bi-wiring is often just down to the removal of factory fitted links

Those links should always be replaced. Even standard copper cable works better. I cut down short pieces of NACA5 to use as jumpers.

When I had PMC twenty.23s I tried both jumpers and a soldered F connection. Both were considerably better than the standard bars. I wouldn’t particularly say it was about high frequency detail or anything like that, it just made the music more enjoyable, as if a restriction had been removed.

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Great … full of confidence now … will give a go and report back…cheers fishy…

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Replaced the lumps of metal supplied with speakers with Chord Signature links (I use Odyssey2 speaker cables). Noticeable improvement. Especially a firmer bass.

Wow interesting … you would think it would be the other way round … assuming that the speaker cables from the amp go to the bass terminals and the jumpers go to the tweeter…

It’s often best to connect to the HF terminals. Other options are in on the treble and out on the bass, or vice versa. They all can sound different. It’s one of the reasons I prefer F connections: it removes the options.

My speaker cables go into the bass terminals - I think the treble is less ‘forward’ that way.

I am going to try removing links … this weekend!!! … I am going to try some NACA5 bared off at each end - and fitted into the terminals - where the bars were. Speaker cables will go into the bass unit sockets…I will report back.! (being prepared to be blown away)

Hi PMC folks,
Long time naimer, been off forum a while. Just curious from pmc owners if there is noticeable difference after a run in period and get opinion on speaker placement. I have found there needs to be very little toe in thus far. Room is large, 5m x 8m and tough to get bass dialed in, with seating at about 3.7m from speakers and speakers firing down 8m length. Have 10 hours on new 25.26’s.

282 HCDR, 250DR, naimed LP12, power-lined.

Both my previous 20.23 and current 25.23 took ages to run in. Like weeks and weeks. But the 25 range was more enjoyable from the outset.

Specifically, in both cases the top end was fairly grainy until run in. So much so that until they were a few months old, I couldn’t listen to them with the grilles off.

As for placement, start with the user manual recommendation (imaginary line crossing a couple feet behind your head) and adjust from there. I found this way too much toe but also found firing straight lost focus. I’d say mine are toed about 3cm forward on the outer corner now.

All good things are worth waiting for.

I visited my dealer on their open day event and i was early and they had 25.26 brand new running from a Nova. They sounded dreadful, so i wandered off and joined Russell K who was setting up his speakers…so much better in every way. When it came to buying speakers the PMC were not on my demo list, dealer added them as a must listen. He was right , after being run in with a couple of hundred hours…i bought them.

Good to know, thank you

Thank you, I am slightly less than 3cm. I am sure the remaining toe in will come with the run in. Appreciate the feedback.