PMC Speakers - new 'i' range


PMC’s Twenty5. 23 model from the outgoing range is a great match with Naim and this is what I have.
The newer ‘i’ (improved) range is the same speaker with a better resolving tweeter.
Has anyone had a chance to listen to it or any of the new PMC Twenty5 i range?


I haven’t but reviews tend to suggest it is an incremental rather than night and day improvement. However, haven’t heard for myself

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I think they also have better isolation feet, but as crispy mentions i would not imagine it to be night and day better. I was told that PMC have in the past released such versions as the last in that model range before a completely new model supersedes that range? Best to call your dealer, if he thinks its a big uplift, have a demo.

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Possibly more of a story of ‘i’ for increase the price, rather than ‘i’ for improvement… :rofl:


Chuckling. That’s about right.

It’s more a tweaked crossover and tweeter dispersion plate I believe plus the new feet.
Definitely a incremental change and I very much doubt an audible difference would be heard unless doing a side by side audition.

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I heard them earlier in the year at the Bristol Show. Thought they were good, maybe a touch bright for my tastes, with a bit of a sharp top end. Would still audition them though - it’s always hard to make a definitive verdict on a product in a show environment.


First post here. I can probably enlighten you on the new 25.22i that I have running on a Naim SN2.


@SeasonsEnd Hello, your observation is contrary to the redesign and re-engineering of the series. PMC have said themselves that the new tweeter is “more polite” and “more laid back” in direct conversations with them (will not name the person). This has also been my direct experience in comparing, at home, both the 25.22 and the new 25.22i (which I still have) all on Naim equipment with all other parameters being exactly identical (room position, cables, ICs, ethernet network, etc). I can emphatically confirm that the new i version is indeed a different speaker. It requires many hours of investment to “understand” the new crossover point and tweeter effect. It isn’t bad. It is more refined and subtle. However, PMC have created another problem with this series…

Is that problem - why would you buy a fact speaker when you can have the 25.26i?

I should add the demo I heard at the Bristol Show was with Bryston electronics (with which I am unfamiliar), and I don’t recall listening to the previous versions so can’t comment on how they differ. PMCs certainly seem to be very popular - both with forum members and in the press.

Hi Lenin
Thanks for your insights.
Really helpful.
You say PMC have created problems with the changes. Please could you elaborate?

I found Fact 12 to be significantly better than Twenty.26, quite a marked difference. I haven’t heard the Twentyfive version or the i upgrade, but I doubt they bridge the gap.

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While I have not heard the new “i” range, I have owned three sets of PMC speakers. The Twenty26s were good, but the Fact 12s are whole different world of range, clarity, sound stage, and bass extension. Now, the new Fact Signature range ups their game another notch. The good news is that if your ears like the PMC sound, there’s not a bad speaker in the range. Enjoy the journey.

Yes but the new Fact Signature range has just lost every customer looking for a wood veneer. Vinyl grey or white. Suits a few rooms I expect nicely. But not many.


It wasn’t a statement of fact (pun intended) - I was trying to guess the problem that PMC have as alluded to by the poster. I haven’t heard them but some of the reviews of the 25.26i do suggest that they give the facts a run for their money

Any chance you can point us in the direction if those reviews even if they are by users? I’ve been looking but not found a single one for the 26’s.

There is a review of the 25.26i in latest edition of Hi-fi News. Have seen another one but can’t place it at moment

Certainly lost me,

Seems a restrictive approach, though I can understand from the stock angle - however if it was me I’d offer other options but to order only, albeit with inevitablylonger delivery lead time.