Pmc speakers

Which are better the pmc twenty5 23 or twenty5 22.?

I think it depends on amplification, room and type of music you listen. I have no clue about PMC, but im sure some more details about these parameters increase the chance of a good answer from someone.

It’s personal preference, have a listen to both and see which you prefer. My opinions irrelevant.

Unequivocally the 23. This is based on physics and my knowledge of transmission line design, which support the specs claimed by the manufacturer.

But if your question is which will sound better, to you, in your room, that will depend on your ears and your taste in how music sounds, and room effects caused by the dimensions and shape of your room, its furnishing, and your speaker and listening positions - and how much flexibility you have in practice to optimise these.

+1 for IB’s comments.

Speakers are a personal thing (taste, expectations, music genre preference etc) and they are room specific.
I have the 25.23s. I think they are astonishingly good in my room (17ft x 13ft) with carpet, curtains and books across one wall and with my set up (SN2 + CDX2). I have them firing across the room rather than firing lengthways.
I heard the 22s at the dealers and there’s no way my room would handle the larger bass unit.
They are brilliant speakers imho.

I have the PMC25.23s and love them.
Like 1Giant Leap has, I have them firing across the lounge sitting about 8ft away but with wooden floors.
Run 272/CHC555/300DR through Townsend Isolda cable and love them.
Clarity is stunning which is important as I listen to a lot of electronic/synth music so a clear treble and wide soundstage is a must.

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I’m a bit confused as to why the larger bass-mid unit would be a problem in your room? However, the 23, which is the one you have, goes deeper so if resonances were an issue it might ‘excite’ those where the 22 wouldn’t.

wow…must admit I didn’t realise the bass-mid unit was bigger on the 22s than the 23s.
Looked at specs and yes larger by an inch!
Never looked at stand mounters prior to purchase and always had floorstanders.
Learnt something today then…!!!
Wonder if that’s a man’s inch or a woman’s!:joy:

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It’s not the size…

Well, it isn’t and it is!

With the driver, for any given sound level it is a trade-off between various factors to move the air to accurately translate the signal: for example, a larger cone has to move less distance and so accelerate less,and but against that a small cone is lighter, with less inertia. Numerous other factors, but in the interests of bass ‘speed’ many manufacturers go for the smaller option, maybe being easier to manage the compromises, at least until high sound levels are needed. But just the fact that one driver is a larger diameter than another does nothing to tell you how they sound.

As for the cabinet, as a generalisation, all else being equal a larger one is likely to be able to go lower in the bass - and cost more to make.

(And until 1Giantleap pointed it out, I, too, had assumed the two had the same bass-mid unit!)

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