Pmc twenty5 26

Anybody own the pmc twenty5 26 and what amp are they using.

Have them at home on demo as we speak. Lovely looking speaker, better than the fact 8’s I have (fuller sound and better base) but in my room still a bit forward / trebly, suspect that may be my room…

In my room the focal kanta sounds better.

I have learnt that reading reviews and asking for recommendations is not the answer, it will give you a few options to explore but no substitute for speaking to a good dealer and listening in the home environment.


I tried Kudos super 20, Russell K 120 and 150 with a Nova, chose the 25.26 for an approx 20 by 19 ft square room. Now have a 252/300 system, they are great speakers, but so are the ones I mentioned, it’s a very personal choice, take your time.

Do you have a 252 it is not as forward as 282 but a home demo is best for the speakers, I am waiting for dealer to get a demo… pair soon hopefully. Currently using 25,23 but I have upgraded to nap 300dr and 252 but I think the 25 26 may do the amp justice. Depends if they fit my room which is 11f /16f.

I have the Twenty5.26 (ex demo) in Diamond black, with a 282/300DR system. I originally also demoed the Kudos Super 20As.
It was a close call and thought the PMCs had the edge. However, as much as I love the sound, the lopsided design of the PMCs is bugging me and also feel they are a tad large for my room (15’4"x11’3")
I’m now inclined to re look at the Kudos Super 20As, but will the Kudos do justice to the 300DR?

Gazza, did you ever try the Super 20As with your 252/300 system?

No , but I did audition them with my Nova against Russel k 120 and 150 and bought the PMC25.26. The Kudos super 20 A just did not come to life, felt very flat and uninvolving. The Russel K were a bit too exuberant. I have listened to 505, 707 and 808 as well and they just don,t engage me…perhaps I need a home demo. Perhaps the 20 A with my current system would be better, but I love the PMC sound.

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