PMC Twenty5

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have experience with PMC Twenty5 speakers with Naim?

I think about it to replace my SBL …

thank you

I have twenty5 23’s running with 272 / 250 DR (soon to add a 555Dr to 272) and very happy with overall performance.

I have Twenty5 23’s on a Nova in one system, a great match.

I had 25.26 on the Nova…i chose this over others like Kudos, Russell K and Focal. You have to listen yourself…just enjoy how music can be portrayed.

I’d be extremely wary of swapping active SBLs for some PMCs. What’s the motivation?

Adventure and Discovery

Fair enough, but do get a long home demo first. In terms of sheer musical engagement, Naim speakers are very hard to beat.


Having had SBL,s they are great, in the right room…even had them active, just amazing. But for me i have moved on…Naim do not really support speakers as i would wish, so i changed to PMC. You just need to demo yourself. I think you are in a sweet spot with SL.s…i think you are lucky enjoy.

Maybe can get to hear some Neat speakers too. These sound especially great with Naim kit, according to many folks from the press and from this here forum.

Twenty5: 26 here, but demo at home if you can. You can get a lot of base tuning closer to the rear wall gives more. Rear corners may need some bass attenuation to stop boom depending on your room. Make sure what ever PMCs you listen to have over 100 hours on them to treble is hard and very crisp if they are not run in.

I have always had the pleasure to make an swap with the speakers that I have on hand (Credo, IBL, Supertablette, Sara, Kan), but with the SBL that I love, it is much more complicated and delicate to make a short exchange without losing the implementation.

I really liked my Harbeth M30.1, but something bothered me in the bass.

My idea this time is to try the 25.22 that are compared to the M30.1 with a better definition of the low end…

My dealer has Harbeth and PCM on demo they are different the Harbeth are a bit blacker and warmer the PMC just more detailed and defined, in my ears oppinion.

Speakers, hard to say what will work best as we are all different and so are rooms, but i went from my active sbl’s to active S600 and the uplift in quality was great. They have the detail, fast and much better bass and on my system they are like a bigger version off what the sbl’s can offer.
If you can find a pair then give them a go, but they do like more space around them over the sbl’s and wont go dead close to the rear wall, but if you csn work around this, then i think you will like them, plus it will save you a few bob over the pmc’s

I had three pairs of Ovator S400, the last ones were associated with Olive and that’s not what made me happiest :sweat_smile:

Well then give it a miss lol.
I run mine with a 52, NDS, P8, superline and what was olive 250’s but they now have different boards in, it sounds fantastic but then as i said i run the S600 and in active, the vocals are simply stunning.
Anyway enjoy the hunt as i did also think my sbl’s could not be replaced but things change

Thank you for the feedback Dunc!
I assume that no speaker is irreplaceable, the game for me is the construction path … it’s like a puzzle, when it’s over, it’s no longer fun.

I still have my sbl’s and snaxo and would like to do a project on the sbl’s.
First refinish them to move away from ash black.
Upgrade the tweaters if possible as these must be well past their best.
Then run them in the family room.

But as you said, part of the fun is trying different kit and i am about to upgrade the amps in my system

I have PMC 25.23s on the end of a Nova, lovely musical system, when I’m in that room I feel no lack of enjoyment from my music. The NDX/52/SC/135s into B&W 804s downstairs has more of everything. but I think the PMCs are great in their room. If the 804s ever die I’ll look at bigger 25s or Facts for the larger system.

Another Twenty5.23 owner here used with SN2 and CDX2. A good run in is needed to allow the treble to soften. Great musical speakers that are well-balanced with a good soundstage and detail.