Podcasts ... interesting, humorous or strange

I have just stumbled upon an interesting article from last year suggesting various podcasts. I often listen to R4X podcast hour, but have not taken the podcast experience further.

What would people recommend as interesting podcasts?

May I offer the ‘beef and dairy network podcast’ as a strangely amusing podcast?

Beef And Dairy Network Podcast

Working from home I do listen to quite a few podcasts, so here are a few that I find interesting (in no particular order).

Marc Moran WTF.

In Our Time.

Fortunately with Fi and Jane.

Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review.

Kermode on Film.

No Such Thing as a Fish.

Stalking time for The Moon Boys with David Baddiel.

Stephen Fry’s 76 Deadly Sins.


Desert Island Discs.

The Way I See It.

The Empire Film Podcast.

Sue Perkins - An or so with…

Rolling Stone - Music Now.

Classic Scottish Albums.

I Was There - Gigs That Changed The World.

Cracking selection - thanks

No problem - not many other podcast fans on here then!

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Came across this series today … and I’m just listening to Richard Thompson, walking around Muswell Hill (and other locations), talking about, and singing some, music. Just top notch …