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I have just stumbled upon an interesting article from last year suggesting various podcasts. I often listen to R4X podcast hour, but have not taken the podcast experience further.

What would people recommend as interesting podcasts?

May I offer the ‘beef and dairy network podcast’ as a strangely amusing podcast?

Beef And Dairy Network Podcast

Working from home I do listen to quite a few podcasts, so here are a few that I find interesting (in no particular order).

Marc Moran WTF.

In Our Time.

Fortunately with Fi and Jane.

Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review.

Kermode on Film.

No Such Thing as a Fish.

Stalking time for The Moon Boys with David Baddiel.

Stephen Fry’s 76 Deadly Sins.


Desert Island Discs.

The Way I See It.

The Empire Film Podcast.

Sue Perkins - An or so with…

Rolling Stone - Music Now.

Classic Scottish Albums.

I Was There - Gigs That Changed The World.

Cracking selection - thanks

No problem - not many other podcast fans on here then!

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Came across this series today … and I’m just listening to Richard Thompson, walking around Muswell Hill (and other locations), talking about, and singing some, music. Just top notch …

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Tim Harford’s « Cautionary Tales » are all excellent.

He’s the presenter of Radio 4’s More or Less, and writes for the FT. But he also weaves true stories together in an interesting, enjoyable and sometimes amusing way.

Tim Atkin’s Cork Talk if you are interested in wine.

Adam Buxton’s « Ramble Chat » podcasts are deservedly well regarded and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny. A terrific presenter.

I second many of the other recommendations above, and will seek out those I am not familiar with. Thanks.

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I’m a big fan of Tim - a big dose of reality.
Looking forward to the cautionary tales …

Rockenteurs with Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt. Some interesting guests

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For Tom Jones fans, there’s a light hearted interview on the Marc Maron WTF podcast which is worth a listen - both guest and host on great form…

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Tim Harford does a great job of cutting through the BS we see in the press and telling it like it is.
This brings to mind another FT story, the Great Hargeisa Goat Bubble, written by Julian Gough shortly after the financial crash of 2008:

Sadly, it seems that we don’t learn from our mistakes!


Oedipus not complex

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