Polarbear back in the News (again)

I see our very own Polarbear (Nigel) is back in Hifi News with a revisit to his home and system. You can read all about it in the latest Hifi News & Record Review, a copy of which has just arrived here today.


Using an iPad Pro I always preview these things before buying. Clicking on the cover previews five or suspect large of their choice. The tiny previews are pin sharp and so of you screen shot they zoom nicely and can be read. Polarbear was in the previews so I managed to read the whole thing for nothing.

I’ve ordered hard copy and will have it fraimed and hung on the wall alongside Jeff Beck and John Coltrane :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


can you post the link please?

Maybe PB will sign it for you!

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It’s not a link as such. The mag is available via Pocketmags on iOS. Here’s a screen shot of the preview. Click on a preview page and it enlarges. Take a screen shot; enlarge it again in photos and read away.

I should emphasise that from time to time I do actually buy the magazine if something piques my interest.

Only if I make him coffee first :grinning:

What, no chocolate biscuits? :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen it, I am looking forward to reading it. I read the original article and it was good to go back and see what i was listening to all those years ago.


Its an interesting idea visiting real people and their systems or in your case revisiting. I gave up buying these mags as it was the same old, same old review…will get a copy of this issue to read.

If you’re not fussed about a hard copy, join your local library I’m sure they’ll have a link to “RBdigital” and with their app you can read the entire issue every month on your iPad. Along with HiFi Choice and others…FOC…this is UK specific, works wonderfully.


Urm okay. You wouldn’t want to be seen in public reading such stuff surely :flushed:


Thanks for this. Have been paying ÂŁ8 a month for Readly and just discovered Southampton library membership gives free access using pressreader.

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Thanks so much for pointing this out, Chris. I was completely unaware of it. Hampshire County Library doesn’t have HiFi News but it does have Gramophone, BBC Music, Q, walking magazines and even Practical Caravan! And, as you say, all included within the Council Tax.

I only discovered the link with Surrey County Council and RBdigital quite by chance, there’s a tremendous selection of magazines and audio books. Each month an email alerts you to a new addition and it’s automatically added to your home page. I feel a bit guilty not subscribing to an actual magazine, but I guess the council pays the publishers and I pay through my taxes…

Interesting, Surrey CC doesn’t have Gramophone, actually I should check that…I do subscribe to Mojo and it’s also there…decision time,…I haven’t found anyone who was aware of this service when I mention it to them, isn’t it exciting when you find something “free”…!

Hampshire don’t have Mojo. I imagine they put online the stuff they subscribe to. This is so much better than paying £4 for a magazine that you’ll only read a little bit of.

Likewise, I really enjoyed the human aspect side of the magazine, it made it more real. I used to buy regularly but ended up just reading the Hifi@home articles and record reviews. I found the equipment reviews all merged into one after a while.

I will buy a hard copy of this months issue to put some readies into the coffers to keep them going.


Yes and it avoids a visit to WHSmith to read the good bits!

You don’t need to wear a mask either.

Good idea, I have one not away from the place I am now in Paris. I will have a nice walk along the “ Seine”. Nice day here.