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There was a moratorium on discussing Brexit, until September IIRC, and we are now there. Meanwhile exciting (?!) things are happening in and around Parliament and Brexit, so it would seem a timely moment for views and discussion, though absolutely confined to that and not personal attacks on contributors or other unpleasantness.

To kick off on a light note, I rather liked this, picked up from the BBC news website:

@Richard.Dane, I am flagging this for your view on its acceptability from the start.

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This could be i̶n̶t̶e̶r̶e̶s̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ brief.


It was September 2020, IIRC.

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Brief I hope. The forum seems much nicer without political discussions. Even cable and mains conditioner debates are now constructive and friendly.


Well, I have to say that the cartoon above sums up the situation perfectly - and it’s unlikely there will be enough votes in Parliament under the FTPA to trigger an election, even if they government lost a vote of no-confidence.

Oh no, I think we will Brexit, and the ensuing storm will then create a crisis of confidence that will see the Tories out of office for at least a generation!

Quite. Let’s can it now. We have a fascist in Downing Street and it will not end well.


According to Skynews he is ‘Ruthless’ now, which I consider a nice example of British humour.


Some good news:

Ex-Tory Dr. Phillip Lee MP has defected to the Lib Dems

The Tory-Brexit Junta have lost their majority :+1:


So some upside, at least

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Gotta be an election now.
Not convinced anything will be solved though. I think now that Parliament has to agree two options, e.g. leave with whatever deal reached or don’t leave, and put this to new referendum. Then end the pain of relentless deferment.


So, old Formerly Fatty Soames is going to vote against the Government later. If Mr Blobby carries out his threat to withdraw the whip from any Tory MP who votes against the Govt, we will have the bizarre sight of a Conservative PM (whose hero, it is claimed, is Churchill) deselecting a Conservative MP who is the grandson of Winston Churchill…

We live in strange times…

I watched Johnson address the house today and the ensuing debate, he achieved the impossible, he made Corbyn look statesman like, Johnson came across as an incompetent, devious buffoon


Oh, I wouldn’t count on that. If they are made to own the mess they created, Labour would effectively stitch them up - they’ll be out of power for a generation.

He came across as shifty, nervous and a bit rattled outside No.10 last night too. He could obviously hear the jeers and taunts out beyond the Downing Street gates and they were getting to him.


I’m no fan of Corbyn or the labour party, was just using the comparison to highlight how badly Johnson came across.

Of course he does. He is playing to his main strengths.

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's funny. His Dad seems alright, his sister too, his brother not awful. Why him???!!!

Ian Blackford has three of four correct.


Boris is certainly entertaining.

He’s doing a pretty good impression of Robert Mugabe.

He’s even got the rambling senility off to a tee.

When Kenneth Clarke was speaking, Irrespective of the words he spoke I was left thinking that if he had been PM his calm, measured tones and statesmanlike gravitas and charisma, people would have rallied and done what he suggested and been happy all was right with the world.

Then Boris spoke… (or rather ranted). That is the strange world we live in!