Poll: Do you own (or have you owned) SL2 speakers?

I would have probably ended up with SL2’s as i had SBL’s active. Natural next set up at the time. But i moved room’s and lost my solid rear wall, and that killed the SBL’s sound, so obviously they never happened.
But i do like the much nicer look and design off the SL2’s, still a nice speaker.


I am thinking of buying a set of SL2 from a friend this spring.
Will drive them with a Phonosophie amp, active. Can be fun as a system nr.2… .

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Well now seems to be a good time to buy a pair, as just lately quite a few have been available, and at much cheaper prices than i have ever seen them.
So go for it.

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Two Phonosophie amps then…


I’ve had my SL2 for about ten years. They replaced Arrivas and I plan to keep them for the long term. My hi-fi upgrade journey has probably reached its end after 40 odd years of messing around with lots of boxes and wires. Along the way I have demo’d Shahinian Arc, Neat ultimatum XLS, a kit built transmission line design etc. with my Naim electronics, all good fun but just too costly to actually buy. SL2 started with a s/h 250 but are now active, powered by two s/h 300dr fed by mostly by a CDS3 and, when I want to discover some new music, an NDX2, both powered by a CD555. I’ve tried different speaker cables but always returned to refitting the standard A5. The SL2 are visually acceptable to the rest of the family, standing unobtrusively against a wall. And they seem to suit my current musical interests very well, e.g. Lambchop, Micha P Hinson, Joe Henry.
No doubt other speakers and electronics would present my recorded music in different ways but I don’t have the £££ investigative.
When one of my amps was away for servicing last year and I had to had to run the SL2 passively, I more or less gave up listening to the system. Something subtle but very important was lacking from the sound.


Hi Zarnvanhaag

That sounds great.

Can you post a photo of your system please?

I am slightly upset that I only use the PXO on my SL2s, and can’t imagine getting another pair of 135s and going active…


I recommend great caution before going active with SL2. The extra boxes and wires are costly for room space, shelving, set up time, domestic haggling/ compromise and €€. Having been through all that I appear to be cursed, unable to regress to a more basic setup. I have tried. I travelled to England last year to demo a three box Naim setup (Supernait, streamer and DAC, I think) and was quietly appalled.


Thank you for an incisive and funny post.

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They made an integrated version with four channels. :thinking:
The center card is a bi amp card, but Pylod has an active card in the drawer….

Like this. :grinning:

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Interesting to see the innards - the Naim 3 series inspiration is more than just skin deep! I think I listened to this amp, which was playing at the Munich show one year. I was keen to learn more about it but IIRC Ingo was more keen to sell some miracle substance that you could wipe on CDs to make them sound better. I was fascinated and impressed by the high level of showmanship on display. It made my own presentations appear pretty dull by comparison.


I had an Phonosophie power amp when I played on top Olive kit. I thought it was better than my Olive 250 on SBL.

The offer was just too good not to buy. Got it for £800,-

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