Poll : How Many Amps Do You Own

I am trying to figure out if I currently own too many amps. I have few sitting around doing nothing and am thinking of adding another one to the collection. I have a bad habit of hoarding equipment which I don’t really need. :grinning:

*Multiple boxes of pre, power and power supply in a system are considered as one.

  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five and above

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Speakers are a lot harder to hoard since they take up too much space so the focus is on discreet integrated amps.

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How do Sonos products qualify, as I have several of those too…:thinking:

Just checking - What personal characteristics are you measuring here? For those of us with 9-box or 11-box set-ups including the napsc then I presume should tick ‘1’.

My wife thinks this is too many boxes btw. Very few people seem to disagree with her!


I’d suggest they don’t count - otherwise you’re into other small amplifiers in kitchen radios etc.?

I counted 5: nait 50, supernait 2, unitiqute, nap100 and a Cyrus 1. If I use the dac v1 with the nap100, that makes 5 potential systems.
Only the first 2 are being used.

I have 4 ‘Qutes, but I don’t count them; then again I’ve 4x135s, which I do. All of them are in use daily. But then I wish I had a few redundant Naits, 32 and 42 s hanging around.

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Nait1 red
Nait1 green
Valvet E2

Right now only 2, the best I had so far:

  • Lejonklou Tundra Stereo 2.5
  • Air Tight ATM-1s with Telefunken „Double O“ Tubes
    No Pre here after Organik UpGrade of KDS

Nait 2
Nait 5i in use
Nait xs-2 in use
2 x cb 62/140 in use
Olive fc/92/90
Olive hc/62/140 in use
HCDR/82/250DR in use
552DR/300DR in use


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….and what about Musos. Or Unitis, AV amps, headphone amps, portable DAPs, etc. If we all choose our own definitions the poll becomes meaningless.


  1. Naim Nap500
  2. Naim Nap300
  3. Naim Nait 3R
  4. Krell 300i
  5. Primare i30
  6. Art Audio Jota monoblocks w/ 52BX
  7. Naim Headline 2
  8. Meridian 105 monoblocks
  9. Custom made valve headphone amp


How is this poll going to tell you if you have too many amps? That is down to your situation and desires.
Other peoples ownership is irrelevant to your circumstances.
Also, who out of the members here has the recognised normal quantity?
Or is this just a lighthearted bit of fun?

In use:

Boxed, not in use:

Thus: two.

Hopefully only light hearted.



  1. 52/SC / 300DR downstairs.
  2. Atom upstairs.
  3. 82/ HC/ 250 in the holiday cottage.
  4. Olive 250 (and HC), replaced a couple of years ago and now on loan to a friend.

I am not sure what use the data is…

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I have 3 integrated amps one is AV, 1 pair of amplified focal speakers, and 3 headphone amps.

I got up to 6, but you might feel I’m overcounting:

  1. 202/200/NAPSC
  2. Roland keyboard gig amp
  3. Pure Evoke H6 (well, it definitely has an amp in it)
  4. Denon M37DAB (ditto)
  5. Denon AV amp
  6. (very old) Aiwa mini system now used solely for TV sound in spare room


I have sold some in recent years, now down to five. Three of them are DIY.

I didn’t expect it would go up to 9 or 11 boxes in a system. Although I initially regard that to be 1, perhaps they should count as what they are since it’s too many boxes already.

I’m trying to determine if I have too many boxes scattered around the house and wanted to check my sanity since I may be planning to add another one. I ticked 1 for my 282/Hicap DR/250DR/NapSC which are 4 boxes.

Yes light hearted

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