Portable HR Music Player & Focal Naim App

Can you utilise the Focal/Naim App on a Portable HR music player?
(Models that allow various apps to be downloaded).
Obviously screen size is limited, but would like to hear if anyone is using such a device with the Focal/Naim app, in particular Naim Core.

In the past I ran the Naim app in my Sony portable player. It runs Android, so it works with lots of apps.
If you want to use it to listen to music on your Core, that’s a slightly different matter. You wouldn’t be able to do this from the Naim app unless you used an SPDIF connection. Some players do have a UPnP client app of some sort, including some Sony and A&K models, so these can find and play music from any UPnP music server.

No it would be used purely to control the Core.
Just wondered, if there were any drawbacks with a reasonable small screen and also any glitches.
Thanks for info.

My Sony player has a rather small screen which made it a little harder to use the Naim app. Otherwise it was just the same as using it on a phone.

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