Portable vacation system


Got my vacation system up and running - enjoying two weeks on Lopez Island in the San Juans in Washington State, USA. We trade houses with an old friend who lives up here.

I gotta say, so worth the hassle (we drive up so have the room for such things). It all gets packed into a Pelican case (on the floor as a little low table under the UQ2). Very basic, UQ2 streaming TIDAL through some Chord cables to my trusty old Canton Plus S’s (later version). Terrific to have great tunes on vacation!!!

An earlier iteration was an Io with a Chord Mojo - had a leaner, quicker vibe - both quite wonderful. The main downside is getting the UQ2 connected to the wifi is always a little more of a hassle - old school UI - but not bad at all. And, we can listen to CBC!


Enjoy! I keep a small Naim system at my Hood Canal cabin.

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I love small pet systems…fun!

I am curious if anyone has thoughts for new good alternatives to the Cantons?

My parents live up on San Juan Island, Westcott bay. I left a pair of Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo one monitors up there in a closet years ago. When we go up I bring up my CB Nait and a set of speaker cables, get the speakers out, plug in an iPad, and off we go. When we leave the speaker go back in the closet. It sounds pretty damn good! I need my music!


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