Positioning of Naim separates?

Is there a particular order in positioning the Naim separates? Does PS and HU need to be on a specific side?

Currently I have a NAP300DR and a Nova (as preamp/streamer).

No HiFi shelves so they will have to go on the same shelf on top of a 30mm thick marble base. Should I place the 300HU to the left, the 300PSDR to the right and the Nova on top of the 300HU? Or should I place a CD player and MD player (unplugged) on top fof the 300HU and then the Nova on top of that?

The Mains Transformers in Naim kit are usually (always…?) on the right hand side. So any Mains Powered unit should be positioned on the right, and things that they power should be on the left. AFAIK…


Additional distance won’t hurt. And the PS to the right as IanRobertM said

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