Positioning the ON/OFF switch on the CDX is always in the ON position

I want to ask about turning on the CD Player CDX without pressing the ON/OFF button on the back of the panel (near the power jack/fuse) is it allowed?
My system uses:
CD Player : CDX
Preamplifier : NAC-202 with NAPSC
Power Supply : HiCap DR
Power Amplifier : NAP-200
all of them connected to one power outlet
the order I do is turn on the power plug, so that the NAPSC and NAC-202 automatically turn on too, because the CDX is connected to the same power plug, the CDX turns on immediately along with the NAC-202 and NAPSC, I always position the ON/OFF switch on the panel the back of the CDX is in the ON position, so that the CDX automatically turns on if the NAC-202/NAPSC turns on without pressing the ON/OFF button again because its position at the back is a bit inconvenient if you reach it with your palm.
Is it permissible to always position the CDX ON/OFF switch in the ON position?

anyone have opinion ? please inform
thank you

Leave it switched on and the problem goes away.

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I find it unsafe to leave all my Naim devices always ON. Electrical conditions and quality are bad here

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