Possessed Muso?

I flew over recent threads for this, yet I could not find something to help out.

I have Muso2 wood edition. Sometimes, I find it turned itself on without any prompting. It plays nothing. In the landing page of the app, it looks like, well, no input selected, no nothing. This weird stuff has happened three times recently.

It is hard wired to internet via switch. And it runs on fw 4.3.1, app version 5.24. Apple gadgets run on 16.0.2. Any ideas?

The funny thing is that your name is ‘HAL’. What is real here?!

This all is quite space odyssey!

I would first charge the avatar by Angel. Probably the Muso will then work again.

Have you tried hard rebooting (remove power cord)? It always fixed problems for me on a Muso 1.

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