Possessed Star

Star has just been possessed, was listening to a little spotify at low volume (25) suddenly the volume started to increase rapidly. The remote, my Samsung S20 and iPad Pro were all sitting on the table across the room. I ran to the star and manually turned down the volume with the big wheel on top but it continued to rise just as quick as I could turn it down. Even after pressing the power button it continued for about 2 secs until I held it down.

Have just done a hard reset, full power off and re-boot. It didn’t get above 95 and hope speakers escaped damage, Grrrrr.

Any ideas what causes this? Hadn’t touched remotes in about 30mins and were all separately sitting on the table. No other device is linked to the Star.

Resumed same play list and all seems ok…

Total guess but there have been reports that if another party has used Spotify Connect with the Star, they may still have “ control”. Check in Spotify app if that is the case and manually remove. The volume increase may be the other party trying to get sound from their device without success.


Righto, You solved it… my son has my old iPhone, unbeknown to me he has downloaded Spotify this morning, the phone had my login details saved as a auto fill form. He was in his games room playing…

Thanks for your help.

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I understood “ possessed by the devil “ :grin:

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Same here!


The ease of use is both a strength and weakness of the Uniti range. I have deliberately set my max volume in the app to 50% for precisely the reason you’ve experienced because others can accidentally select your device and crank the volume to damaging levels, especially using smartphones. I wish there was a setting on the app that allowed a “lock” to be applied by the master user to prevent accidental overrides taking place.

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This Spotify Connect issue crops up here quite regularly. I wonder how they would react if you sent them a repair bill for a set of blown speakers.
Once you are aware of the problem, I guess setting a low max. volume would be a sensible precaution.

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I thought it was…

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Brilliant anecdote… Did your spreakers come out allright?

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Yes, they seem fine, thanks

My SuperUniti gave me an awful fright a couple of weeks ago At 80 volume . Spotify the culprit but speakers and ears survived!

I occasionally get something similar on my Mu-So when using Roon - it defaults to 100% and is loud… no clear solution yet (but not much investigation, to be fair).

We have only one Spotify account, so my wife often has her music disappear when my son starts using it…

There are some advantages to sticking with a near 20 year old NAIT 5 with a dicky volume pot then…

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