Possibility of Enhanced Integration with Spotify

Using Mu-So 2 and enjoying both Tidal and Spotify. Tidal’s integration is stronger on app level which makes it easy with Tidal choices but I believe there’s still room for Naim/Spotify to list spotify in search results at least. Is there such an effort? Or it used to be and dropped from possible enhancements backlog?

There was never full Spotify integration into the Naim app, because they offer Spotify Connect as their proprietary way of connecting to external devices, so I doubt Spotify would be interested in cooperating on app integration given that what they have generally works well.
It’s a fair point about Spotify not being included in search results, if you use Tidal or Qobuz as well. Personally I wouldn’t use it because the lossy sound quality isn’t up to the level of lossless Tidal, less still 24 bit Qobuz, but that aside, it’s a great service.

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Still don’t understand Spotify and high res music quality…they did a trial, then nothing. It could be a killer platform for music?

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Indeed, I did the rounds of all the free trials when Naim integration started, and I thought Spotify was a clear winner in terms of UI, reliability, music selection, in fact everything except sound quality.


There were much talk about it happenng this year but now delayed to post-covid. Probably with Apple Music not far behind.

With Qobuz still not even covering all european countries - would Qobuz/Tidal survive?

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Thanks for the comments. I just want it because not everything I am looking for is in Tidal, so I have to switch from Tidal/Naim app. Naim app would have been a nice aggregator.

I agree with you, have to switch to Spotify for many albums and artists and playlists. However I think they will survive, because the number of competitors are still low. I think Apple and Amazon should ramp up their games globally, if it happens, then Tidal / Qobuz may suffer

That sound quality that we still and never give up on but still, you are right, Spotify UX is familiar, buttery, natural. Period.

Their answer to this, is very few of their subscribers care about music quality. And I am afraid that this will stay as a fact and will be even more valid with coming generations. The investment to hires doesnt brng that revenue stream, I guess.

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Spotify are not keen on 3rd party access to their data. This is why connect came about as early on they had an api to allow this. I think only Sonos still does and those that decide to work with the limited web UI limitation such as LMS does with its Spotty plugin. But for hifi vendors they only offer Connect.

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Sad tears will come out. Or, we will remain snobbish about our hi-res nicheness.

Spotify sq has its place it was born for on the go music and suits phones perfectly. I think without it the music business would be in dire straights right now. I have no issue with compressed music I still have a lot of aac files for when I used iTunes for buying and ripping and some of then sound very good. I use Spotify on the go and at home when I neither Tidal or Qobuz have it. I don’t get the snobbishness myself.

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