Possible addition of Naim Flatcap

I now have Nait XS-2 with CD5 XS and ND5 XS and am wondering what a Flatcap would bring to the party. If so which two components would be best served?

You can use the Flatcap on the CD5XS. I’m fairly sure you can on the Nait too.
It’s a no for the ND5XS though.

I have a Flatcap XS connected to Nait XS. With good speakers the difference can be really big or huge. When I had CD5i I could always hear what a Flatcap does to the sound, it wasn’t night and day. Now, with UQ + Chord2 Qute as a source the improvement became quite dramatic! - straight in your face, you don’t need to spend hours listening to spot the improvement/difference. In my case it was immediate. But also very speakers and source dependent. I have also noticed that the placement (on rack) or cable dressing is important. Flatcap really shines with good recordings. Rock, metal also does sound “better” but less digestible, so one may prefer these genres without power supply.
Anyway, I rate it very high. I does change the sound substantially. Some people hear subtle or no improvement with Flatcap added but that must be down to speakers or source quality. When I had Dali Opticon 2 speakers for some time to test I could only hear small improvement when Flatcap connected.

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The Flatcap is the only power supply certified by Naim to power 2 components. So you can give a lift to the CD5XS and the NaitXS2 from the same upgrade.

That’s excellent value.

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