Possible to control NDX volume via UPnP?

Hello chaps.

Simple yes or no answer (I hope). Is it possible to control the volume of the NDX via UPnP?

I do not use the Naim app. I use instead Logitech Media Server for files and control and the NDX as a UPnP client. This work very well for me and gives me great control in all but one aspect, volume. For this I have to use the Naim remote (either the NDX or Nac 82 remote). As I use the NDX hifi to blast music round the house at high volume having to head back to the lounge to change the volume is a pain, especially as I always have my phone in my back pocket (for which I use Material Skin web app to control all my other LMS clients).

I just want some way to control it over my wireless network and not only via a line of sight remote. I am aware of associated quality hit.


The NDX2 has the variable volume control functionality but not the NDX unfortunately.

I suppose you could do it with a remote like the Logitech Harmony, which could replicate the 92 volume commands and allow you to control the volume from your phone.

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Thanks. A typo on my part. I have a NAC82. Have edited original post now.

NDX2 out of the question I think. £3.5k hit just so I can instantly change the volume on my main hifi when I’m walking around the house is just a little too much. :slight_smile:

Ah I see. It’s a shame it’s not one of the later preamps as you could use the system automation function. Unfortunately the 82 doesn’t have an RC5 input so no go. Give the Harmony option a look.

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The Logitech Harmony option that @james_n works very well with my 252 and previous 282 pre-amps.

You can easily then control the volume with your phone, albeit from a separate app or widget.

I use mine with an extension in Roon to allow volume control within Roon.

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The OP’s NAC82 doesn’t have RC5 for System Automation

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Was that a later mod? My 82 didn’t have RC5 as I remember, and my 52 doesn’t I’m pretty sure. I thought system automation came with the black box pres, not the olives.

Oops my bad, a typo, sorry.
Yes Syst Auto is a black box thing

OK. I’m completely lost now. Will look into NAC82 and system automation tomorrow. Thanks.

No no, see my apology post, olive amps don’t have it

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